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csr elite pedals loadcell?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rizzee, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. hi all can someone tell me what the dials from 1 to 10 do on the loadcell..when racing at the minute my car just wont brake at all it slows down well to slow and foot is firmly pressed.
  2. 10 is most sensitive meaning less pressure needed to stop, 1 is less sensitive meaning more pressure needed to stop.
  3. ok cheers what do you use?
  4. 10, but that's user preference. Makes the load cell last longer too.
  5. I use 4-5, makes it much harder to lock up and much easier to modulate my brake input around the limit of grip, to me that is.
  6. If you run your pedals on a rig you can run the load cell at what ever you want, If you run them on the floor or something i could see needing to use 10 on the dial or maybe if your younger and dont have a very strong braking foot.

    Load cells are a whopping 8$ for 4 if your willing to do a little plug wiring, So IMO let the load cell do its job and dont worry about it.
  7. Its all user preference, the only exception as Moxley stated might be if your pedals are unsecured and able to move when you apply pressure. It has absolutely nothing to do with being young, not sure how being young has any influence on the load cell setting unless your an 8 year old girl, and just about anybody is strong enough to push the brake pedal down at any setting on these cheap load cells. Its simply user preference. My pedals are secured, I'm 39 and 6'0", 232lbs so age, weight, strength, etc. or any other random measurement related to you as a person has nothing to do with setting a load cell since I still prefer a setting of 10.

    As for load cell life, its up to you how long you want it to last and when you're willing to replace it, of course its going to fail one day, just like all things in life, people included. The load cell does it job whether its on a setting of 0 or 10. A load cell's function is to provide resistance so no matter what setting you're using, its doing its job, just find a setting that you like.
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  9. I can't get my brake to 100% pressure on the lowest sensitivity, but part of that is from sitting in a non-fixed chair so it starts tilting back if I press too hard.
  10. Ive had multiple buddy's in my rig who have commented how Heavy the pedal is, Ive now measured it, and with my Mod load cell I'm pulling the following

    @ 10 - 25.4kg
    @ 6.5 (setting i currently run) - 29.2kg
    @ 1 Maxes out my 45kg scale and i get maybe 1/3 to register on the Fanatec Pedal app,

    Im guessing there is a rather large exponential happening the lower your turn the dial, as the scale was maxed out at 45kg and the pedal wasn't near Full. This would mean the "Load cell amp" has the ability to up the weight or "resistance" even further than the cell itself is rated for.
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  11. That's a good point Kjell, if your chair isn't secured, it can move too.
  12. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Could you explain this to me, you got my attention.:)
  13. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Thanks, I got it.
  14. Or just buy the proper connector and you can have 4 spares waiting, :p


    JeffL, PM me if you want more info.
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  15. "you will need to splice into your Fanatec pedal wiring since these load cells don't have a connector on them."

    I Disagree :whistling:
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