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CRUK Winter Series Time Vote - Corrected

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Race Start: 15:00GMT (2 Hours Earlier) on Saturday

  2. Race Start: 17:00GMT (Same Time) on SUNDAY

  3. Race Start: 19:00GMT (2 Hours Later) on SUNDAY

  1. Right sorry about previous post. This is to vote for the changed time for CRUK Winter Series due to the clash with the FSR Winter Series. Please post here with which time you would prefer.

    Leave a post below stating what you voted for as well because we don't want people voting who are not competing. Any votes not partnered with a post below will not be counted. Poll will close in four days time as we have a race next weekend. Sorry this will be such short notice but I've not been left with a lot of choice as the FSR clash only emerged recently.

    I have voted for 2 hours earlier.

    If you wish me to email you with the times when the vote closes, then please PM me. Preferably with your email address :p
  2. I voted for 2 hours earlier, I could do Sunday same time as well, but I would struggle to make Sunday 2 hours later.

    However it is up to the competitors more than me, otherwise we wouldn't have a race ;)
  3. I am unable to do Sunday 19:00GMT and I would prefer not to do Sunday 17:00GMT due to time constraints with another broadcast I have to do.
  4. We have 5 lodged votes and only 2 posts. Did nobody bother reading the post?
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  5. Sorry Scott, I voted for Saturday 2 hours earlier.
  6. Voted. Sunday same time.
  7. voted for 2 hours earlier