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Creating the edge of the track and "extra-runoffs"

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ghoults, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. I was just thinking about how to do this in btb. Should I use terrain to make runoffs or should I use the track surface tool? By runoff I mean this, the dark stuff outside of the kerb: (pic).

    Also, with an edge to the (=shoulder?) placing kerbs is a bit different as the terrain next to the track is now few centimetres lower than the actual road surface. I've been thinking about using walls as kerbs instead of the actual kerbs btb offers (sobjects) but are there drawbaks to this? With walls I could control the shape better but I'd guess the bumpyness of the kerb is harder to do...?

    So how have you done these?

    I just made the edge of the track with the track surface tool and used the same pieces for runoffs where necessary. The track is about 6km long so making the edge adds "a few" polygons and I'm still thinking whether to do it or not...
  2. Anyone?

    Basically I'm asking is doing the edges of the track worth it and is it generally a good idea to use terrain fur runoffs?

    By worth it I really mean performance versus looks versus the additional work it requires to make the edge work with kerbs etc.

  3. I would use a track rather than terrain for this.
    I just copy my main track & then move the surface shape around, leaving the joining point unmoved if you understand what i mean.

    Like in the "Tricks - Ripple Strips" video here.


    The drawback is that you can't add terrain to the front & back of tracks.
    Only the sides so you need to accurate when adding terrain.
    Also watch your panel length as if they are different you will get a gap.

  4. Interesting technique, thanks for the tip!

    I take it that those "empty" polygons that don't have texture applied to them don't consume processing power either (as that was the point of why do it that way)?
  5. Exactly :)
  6. Would be cool if the copy is linked to the original track :)