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Crash Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Benedict Venturini, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Benedict Venturini

    Benedict Venturini
    Benedict Venturini

    I thought it might be fun to see how many of you racers have had car crashes in real life :D

    So, if youve had a crash.. tell us the story behind it.. and if you have them, post pictures! Lets see how many of you guys can drive off the virtual track lol

    Anyhow, I might aswel go first

    So.. it was January 2011 in England, Leeds. We were in the middle of a freak snow storm. I say 'freak' because it literally started snowing that morning ( which was forecast to be sunny ) and didnt stop. By 7pm the snow had built up like 3/4inch on the roads ) Anyways, I had to go pickup my mate from work at 7pm.

    Whilst on the way to my friends work, I got held up in traffic, it was crazy. People were moving about 5 MPH and Cars were abandoned on the pavement ( typical British )

    After spending 2 hours in traffic on a journey that should of taken less than 15 minutes, a passing builder stopped his van next to my car and told me not to bother going up the road because theres atleast a mile of traffic.. i said 'Im picking up a mate, i gotta get up there' he said 'haha, be careful then mate' and left.. ( i was stunned... a man from Leeds was kind... that just doesnt happen lol)

    I finally arraived to my friends work, after 3 and a half hours of dodging slow and broken down cars.

    When i told him about how bad the roads were, he didnt believe me, I told him that if you turn your wheel .. you just dont turn.. you go forwards, he thought i was lying lol

    On the way home, I went a different way. I went on the motorway, there were no cars on there, maybe drivers were too scared to drive fast on the snow, i dunno, but it was dead

    I got back into the town i live in. My car was over heating because the wheels were just spinning in the snow and working the engine alil too hard. I drove down a road which came to a fork. the left road was a 80/85° turn and right was 5°. My first thought was, the left road takes me home.. the right road takes me to the chain bar and adds another half mile to the journey, although its a hell of alot safer ( its the straighter road, and im going 30MPH ). I explained this to my mate, he said 'Dont be a pussy, just go left', and because im the type of lad who is very competitive and loves a challenge, I decided to go left, forgetting im going 30MPH, maybe faster. I got to the corner and turned my wheel ( this is a corner that you cant turn at 30MPH when its dry, i dno wtf i was thinking ) but my car carried on going straight. We hit the metal railings and nearly turned the car over. Luckily no one was hurt, except my car ;(

    I blame Race Department.

    I hope you all enjoyed my misery :p and i look foward to read what happend to y'all

    Thanks n ciao
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  2. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins
    Premium Member

    until now i only crashed once, it was on a rainy nigth, the sun had just set and it was really dark, i was on my motorcycle, i only had it for about 2 or 3 weeks, i couldn't see well because the lights of the incoming cars were reflecting on the helmet's visor, i was following my dad's car, he passed a crosswalk and as soon as he did someone passed on the crosswalk when i was nearly on it, i tried to brake, but, probably due to lack of experience, i braked too hard with the front wheel and it locked up and i feel, fortunately i didn0t hit the person and i the only damage was a scratch on the motorcycle, a bruise on my leg, and on my pride :D
    A year after i started driving a car, i've been driving it during a year and until now i haven't crashed it, but there were 3 accident's rigth in front of me, fortunately it was the car in front not me, let's see if i can keep it this way ;)
  3. Getting back from work on a bloody darn cold morning (Under 0°C) on my moped on sport tyres...

    Slow down for corner, lean into corner, understeer/oversteer mix-ups, sidewalk, side crash, scooter unharmed, human has left collarbone fractured.

    Oups :D
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  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    How is the collarbone getting along?
  5. There's still a "hump", but it's working somewhat properly now... :p