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Couple of Questions

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Chris Allex, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hello all. Been looking over this forum for a few days now and decided to join. Seems like a pretty good group of guys here. Getting ready to buy iracing membership this week and had a few questions.
    Money has been tight for me and I recently had to buy a new pc... Trust me not the best or anywhere near it. Bought a Dell inspirion.... I know the xps would be the optimal gaming choice from them but thats where im at. Question is will this machine run iracing with max graphics or at least relatively close to it with maybe 4x aa?
    Machine specs are
    3.2 gig dual core intel e5800
    3 gigs of ram
    ati radeon 4670 with 1Gb GDDR2 memory

    Not really looking to knock down any doors with this machine but I'd like to think it would at least run the game pretty well in a lower resolution say 1024 x 768 at the very least... Especially since the game is not exactly on par with graphics such as are in current new titles that are coming out now.

    Other question is how comparable to N2003 is iracing physics.. Ran that game for years under the username Suthrn. Loved that game and in particular the physics in a more hardcore setting. How similar are the physics between the two. Was kind of hoping to have a leg up there.

    Thanks for any input and keep turning left guys. :D
  2. That machine should have no problem running iRacing, you might not even have to turn the settings down too much if your playing in 1024x768. :)

    Never played N2003 but of course iRacing is the most realistic driving simulator out there today so if you want realism then you got it.

    hope that helps a little,
  3. When I started in iRacing I had a pretty low spec, an Athlon x2 at 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM and a GTX 260 graphics card. I was surprised to find I could run it very wel lat around 1024x768 or 1280x1024 with quite a bit of detail left on and still get a good enough frame rate to race online.
  4. had 4670 512 MB with Q9400, on 1900x1200 resolution, turned of few shadows, cockpit mirrors everything else prety much maxed graphics wise, you should have no problem with this config
  5. Thanks for the input guys... been soooo looking forward to this game... So excited sleep is really not even sleep. Anyone on the similarities between the two games physics wise?
  6. well plenty of poeple say it is based on N2003...haven┬┤t tried myself
  7. If its anything similar it is sure to be amazing.. Hard to beleive a game that came out in 2k3 couldnt be bested in i dont know how many years.. My opinion of course. Rfactor certainly didnt have anything on the physics that it had or at least to my judgement. Been offline for several years now due to a could not get high speed in my area factor and now that ive got it FINALLY.... the first thing i looked up was the best sim online today and what the old guys at papy were doing now.... Low and behold I'll finally find out this weekend!!! Hope to see some of you guys on the track!
  8. Having played every Papyrus game to date I'd say it was a distilled version of everythign they have learnt over the years in terms of physics, multiplayer code, graphics. Its the only sim I can feel comfortable hanging onto someone's bumper in a close race even though that person may be on another continent to me. I don't know if its just the physics or the technology that has gone into making the tracks but I feel like I'm connected to the road surface in iRacing and not floating above it like other games and we've not even got the full tyre model yet. Graphically it has a crisp look to it with some stunning textures that in my opinion makes it one of the best looking racing sims on the PC. The best thing of all though is its evolving, we've got new tyre modelling to come, new graphics and sound updates and so much more, this game keeps evolving so to me its worth every penny.

    We could all rave about the game but until you try it you won't know, I think you'll like it if you enjoyed N2003 but for $12 for a 3 month subscription ( http://www.iracing.com/buy-1-get-2/ ) it has to be worth a look.
  9. Thanks for the info Kevin... I kind of suspected as much... Youve made my wait that much more miserable! lol