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could someone please convert a file/model for me?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ed_jza80, May 27, 2010.

  1. howdy folks...

    im my never tiring attempts to improve my fps, and make my project look less crap, i decided to have another go at importing a building i found in googles 3d warehouse


    it seems, however, that i completely suck at this task :)

    could someone kindly run the numbers on that model, and see if you can stuff it into an x-pack for me? i cant seem to get any of the textures to line up correctly, nor can i get the normals to face the right way? i seem to have to go double sided to get it to come up anything near correct. but its still dodgy, and the fps suffers.

    im happy to chip in some coin to the person who decides to do it too. i just really have no idea how to do that stuff! and im getting too old to learn!

    failing that, or if its simply easier to build (an even simpler!) model from scratch, ive got a bunch of plain old photos/images to go off to build a simple shape and lay textures onto?

  2. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  3. did you just open it in sketchup, and then export as kmz?

    thats what i did/have done also, but the thing is all the textures are the wrong size and when i reformat them all (batch convert) to the required 128/256/512 etc its gets all screwed up.

    is there an easier way of working this out, or is it really just a case of make a new, simpler model without all the 3d details, and just apply simple, larger textures to the walls?

    also, once youre done in sketchup, and the model is exported, can you then do anything to convert the jpg textures to .dds? i think im having issues with jpg textures interfering with other models at the moment, and want to see if i can simply keep that format out of things

  4. You can convert jpg to DDS in Photoshop by nvidia tools
  5. yeah i know HOW to convert them.... thats not the issue

    you cant apply .dds as textures directly to objects in SU6. so how do you do modify the object post SU6 to use the dds textures?
  6. 3dsimEd would do the trick. PM me if you need me to do this for you
  7. I use Anim8or to make objects, and that can't apply .dds textures either, so after exporting to .3ds, I open the .3ds file with a hex editor and change each instance of .bmp, .jpg (etc) to .dds, then I can load the object into XPacker.
  8. It doesn't matter what image file you use to make the object because rfactor has a hirachi for image files. Even if you export your track with jpg's then convert the jpgs to dds and just dump them in the track folder, it will use the dds first. I guided you on this in another one of your posts ed, but you didn't try it :)

    I think it goes like this, dds, tga, bmp etc. or tga and bmp are swapped around I dunno exactly, but when I make textures I make all my original ones in tga then right at the last moment I convert them to dds.

    Try it ;) export with jpg, then convert the jpg to dds and delete the jpg from the track folder.

    On that note, dont use jpg use tga or bmp. jpg is compressed and loses quality, then when you recompress it again to dds you will lose a lot more of that quality. But wait, your thinking, you got the picture that was originally a jpg so there is no point? not at all, if you got a good sized jpg image for your texture, then there is a very high chance you have had to resize it smaller which means it is actually a high quality image (to an extent)
  9. yeah, i dont think i understood what you meant in that other post :)

    i didnt think you could just go change all the textures to another format, and not alter the source code for the object to direct to the different texture image...

    ok, will give it a try :)