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Released Cougar Pass V 0.9 by Pawel

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Pawel, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. CougarPassGP_loading.jpg

    Hi guys, I think the track is done, though call it V0.9, I just left some room for polishing and sprucing it up, when more time in future. I'd appreciate some critique or second opinion before releasing into public.
    Big thanks to Brendon and all guys behind xpacks.

    Here is the link

    Track map.jpg
  2. Will have a go right now :)
  3. Very nice, open, fast and flowing :)
  4. Very nice track. Great job
    It misses some trackside objects in my opinion (more stands etc) and some lighting on the track. But even without lighting you can easily drive in the dark and you can see everything.
    But overall a very good track and like Ryan said fast and flowing and lot's of room to overtake. Good job. :)
  5. Thanks guys, that was my main concern, the flow of the track and race-ability. I'm not an artist myself and can only use someone else's objects from xpacs. I'll add some more in time when more things suiting this track are available, and I have more time on my hands.
  6. Outstanding job Pawel. After a few laps to learn the layout I instantly liked this track.

    Keep it up man,,, ;)
  7. Missed this one...:frown:
    Is it still available somewhere?