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COTF-2015 Mod

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by =Fieldzy=, May 5, 2015.

  1. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

    djrshell.jpg svan.jpg fgx25252.jpg Tim Slade-2015.jpg nissnis.jpg bjrboc.jpg redbullcl.jpg walkin.jpg fuchs.jpg Tim Blanchard-2015.jpg Some pic of the mod
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  2. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

    More pic. Mod to be released soon rf1 and rf2

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  3. wow looks really great , I hope the cockpit interior look as good as the exterior model :):);)
  4. looking really good, can`t wait to take them for a spin.
  5. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

    Fgx skins done.
    Yes the cockpits are top grade

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  6. Looking really good. I'm guessing windscreen banners and headlights will be added with the window files?

    Also any chance of a COTF FG? Then we'd be able to cover 2013-14 as well.
  7. At this stage we are not looking at the FG as this mod starts from the current 2015 models and yes windscreen files hopefully be completed within the week
  8. Firstly..The current mod being used on the rFactor 2 server is not the COTF 2015 V8 mod, it is the ATC 2015 V8 mod which has no relation to the COTF 2015 V8 mod. The ATC 2015 V8 mod was put together by an ex member of this club who has been banned. The post on the ISI website is not correct and DOES NOT relate to the COTF 2015 V8 Mod.

    The COTF 2015 V8 MOD..The mod will be released within a couple of weeks, we are in the final stages of finishing the mod. We have built this mod from scratch, we have paid a professional 3D modeler to build our models, there has been a lot of time and money invested in the mod by a number of people.Once the mod has been released for rFactor it will be followed by a release in rFactor 2 a couple of weeks later and it will also then be released in Assetto Corsa. To all the new members that have signed up looking for the mod, we the admin's apologize for the misleading information supplied on the ISI forum about the mod. This information was put up on the ISI Forum without the club Owners knowledge. When the mod is released a download link for each platform will be put in this thread.MOD ENDORSEMENTS..There are a number of companies that are endorsing the mod which will be made public on release.THANK YOU...A huge thank you goes out to =Fieldzy= from Hardcore and ISG-Cartman from IN2Simgamers for financing the mod and all the time and effort you have put in.
    Hitman from IN2Simgamers for doing the skin pack they look absolutely fantastic.

    Lildave from Hardcore who is currently working on the sounds and again doing a fantastic job. The ford sounds great mate.

    Finally a massive thank you to all that have turned up to the beta test night's and supplied us with input. Please continue to check the website for updates on the release date for the rF1 and rF2 versions of the mod.
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  9. I can't wait to see those cockpit , Keep working guys cause they are doing a fantastic job :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

    Hi to all.
    I have been ( with the help of a few other sim racers) building the new v8 supercars for rfactor2.

    Well, because a lot of the community wanted the new cars for rfactor1 I have made a version for rfactor1. There are a few small issues but they are only cosmetic and don't affect the cars physic. You will notice that they are a whole body no parts other then wheels break off in an accident. This won't change as I am more focused on rfactor 2 for the complete damaged with parts breaking away in accidents.

    So please enjoy the mod. I raise my hat to anyone that has made mods before as it is a long, hard and expensive thing to do.

    If you would like to comment about the mod please do so but just remember you haven't had to pay for it I did for you.
    You can download the COTF2015 from hardcore's download section under TinTops
    link http://ds6488.hostname.net.au/downloads/HARDCORE/rFactorDownloads/MODS/TinTops-V8's/
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  11. Awesome. Ive been waiting for these. Downloading now. Thanks for your hard work and $$$ spent. :)
  12. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

  13. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake! Premium Member

    Please if you need to ask anything with the mod please contact myself here or at Hardcoreonlinegaming =Fieldzy=
  14. Ok thanks Fieldzy ;) I do a couple of question on in2simgamers
  15. Dave R

    Dave R
    Premium Member

    Thanks for the wonderful mod.
  16. GRAB_046.JPG GRAB_048.JPG GRAB_049.JPG GRAB_050.JPG GRAB_051.JPG GRAB_052.JPG GRAB_061.JPG GRAB_069.JPG GRAB_065.JPG Here are some retro skins i have been working on for this mod all skins in the current have been painted by myself i have got right into this and totally enjoy do them .
    Thoughts please

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    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  17. hey there have installed on rf1 but my cars wont load can you help plz
  18. what do you mean they wont load
  19. what did you install
  20. if you downloaded the retro skin pack at IN2simgamers TS just unzip and then put the game data folder straight into the core directy it should merge with the existing Game data folder