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Misc Corrected Shaders 1.0

Corrected a few bugs and updated four dx8 shaders to dx9.

  1. Bjarne Hansen submitted a new resource:

    Corrected Shaders - Corrected a few bugs and updated four dx8 shaders to dx9.

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  2. Could you please add further information on what bugs were fixed and how they do change the experience of the game!? Thank you very much :D
  3. There is a text file in the zip folder describing the changes.
    Visual it will not be a huge change maybe a clear better 'reflected' light due to the dx9 calls are more detailed than the equivalent dx8 shader.
    Performance vise is is also just a small effect depending on your hardware.
    On an older gaming laptop it clearly runs more smoothly while on my current desktop the game is very smooth with or with this.
    Unfortunately it did not make me a faster driver:whistling:
  4. Any 'online mismatch' problems when using your fixes?
  5. Would not think so! But do report issues if you find a open server!
    Made those and a lot more corrections in the Gtr2 shaders and had no issue joining and racing on a P&G server.