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Copy-Paste and join tracks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kytt, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Hello!

    Im wondering is it possible at some point to copy-paste track sections together? I know its not possible right now but im making open rallytrack and i need to make about 1km long sections or its getting really slow to edit terrain or do blending. Afterwards i just copy them together and join. Will it be possible at some point of BTB development?

  2. You can break up the track into sectons by makeing duplicates of the track and removing the section of the track you dont want. Then you can join the sections by holding the M key down and joining the nodes at the end of each sections. Each section can be turned on and off in BTB edit/switch Active Track mode.

    Time consumeing but it works well.
  3. Thank you.
    I was stupid enough to start without proper thinking and now I have 1km long track, most of the modeling done and nothing to join together. I have rest of the track in another Venue.xml file though. Is it possible somehow merge different Venue files or i have to kill myself?:question:
  4. If you have 3dsimed you could open the track you exported from BTB that you want to merge with the main track. Than from 3dsimed you could export the track as a gps file and import it into BTB into the main track.
  5. Thanks, I got it back with 3dsimed demo:woot2: