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Coolest car so far?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bram, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    What is the coolest car you have driven so far?
  2. Not driven too many yet, but I loved the 300SL at Nords in the AMG Special - the track is great too! Also really enjoyed racing the Fairlady 2000 '68 in the Japan classic cars, looking forward to trying out the Lancia tonight, so much more to come after that though!... might have to send the wife and kid on a trip for weekend to get some solid wheel time! Having a blast so far in the few hours I've spent....
  3. Ferrari 512BB 76'
    Ferrari F40
    Nissan 350z
    Bmw Z4

    My favourites so far.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    For me the SLS AMG '10 that belonged to the Nordschleife special event. Lovely roar in the engine :)
  5. Mercedes SL65 AMG V12 Biturbo! With titanium exhaust (L)

    I like it so much I bought 2; one standard and one fully tuned (almost 1000bhp!)
  6. Both the beginner and intermediate cars for that event were amazing, definitely some of the best cars i've driven yet, did those events earlier tonight.


    Mclaren F1 road car, finally got lvl17 and bought it tonight.... such an awesome car!
  7. I just started and just bought and fully tuned a new impreza sedan wrx sti'10. Must say it drives excellent:)
  8. Mazda Stealth....really like this car atm

    Nürburgring Nordschleife_5.jpg
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    FIAT 500 classic version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. For me, I really enjoyed the SLS AMG at the "ring". Other than that I'm really enjoying my ZR1 at the moment stock apart from some weight reduction and slicks, love it!
  11. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

    Not played much at all, but bought a Honda S2000 to race one of the early events and that was great fun to drive - very loose but very controllable.
  12. anyone know how to get the red bull x1?
  13. I think complete all special events, but I am not sure.
  14. BMW M3...
  15. Again probably not the collest car but it felt like the most fun in the world driving that 300SL round the nords. Just wicked. :D
  16. Mercedes 190 Evo!

    Awesome trackday car! So nice handling!
  17. No need to think, 370Z is the coolest car of course! (To me only lol)
    gotta love to drive it with comfort tires on Nurburgring with time change and weather change.
    I wish there are some slow cars on the track like in real life!
  18. McLaren F1 Stealth. Walks everything I've come up against so far. Absolutely redonkulous fast. Start anywhere on the grid and 1st place by the first turn.
  19. I love the Murcielago Chrome Line that comes with Collector's Edition. It's gt tuned stock and fully tuned its faster then a murcielago sv (also fully tuned). My friend Chris calls it the devil in disguise. (specs: 875 hp, 700 ft;lb, ≈1300 kg. 0-60 ≈2.2 seconds top speed sticks around 240)

    Other than that there's the Volkswagen Kübelwagen. tuned to 100 hp and a top speed of 115! :D so fast!
  20. It handles like flying a kite! :D