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Contract offer question

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jrdn7, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hi. What does it take for the better teams (ie. Renault, Williams, STR etc.) to offer you a contract? What I mean is what sort of results am I looking at having to achieve in a S1 HRT on legend AI? Thanks!
  2. I'm not exactly sure on the specific requirements, but my guess would be that you atleast hit all your targets throughout the season. Getting a good contract as early as season 2 in a HRT might be tough, I'd try to get the first driver position and then advance from there ;)
  3. I still didn't drive on legend.Gonna make it progressive.I'm driving Virgin s1 hard but i made a big mistake.At India track i changed in driving assistance Traction control on full bcos was raining 100% and was nervous and impossible to drive for me.Finished 6th and toke the Driver Championship title .But i didn't get the achievement for making hard/expert Champ because of this!Dammmmn! Was set to custom mode on the next race.I got offer from Mclaren but who cares? achievement failed.
    I made only 1 mistake and that cost me a lot.
  4. I'm driving on Legend AI with all assists off, bar TC. 12th in Monaco has been my best so far (started 19th), but I had to drive at 200% for the whole 75% race distance. Was absolutely crazy, but good fun!

    @Atanas Penchev Did you get the McLaren offer at the end of S1?
  5. Aye,i did.
  6. I've been noticing that the better I do, the harder my expectations get. Sometimes I am expected to win the race and qualify fourth. A bit hard for a Force India.
  7. I'm currently on Quali 15th, Race 13th in a HRT. Having to drive a ass off every race.

    @Atanas Penchev How did you manage that? Was it No.1 or No.2?
  8. You are driving on legend as you said.I drove on hard.Haven't idea how big is the difference in AI.I didn't have big problems on hard qualy and race.About the contract, i didn't focus... just checked my mails and i had a few offers including Mclaren just before India track.
    I need to drive again whole season 2 with Mcalren to get the achievement done this time.After passing hard i can tell you how i go on Legend mode :).
  9. How many times did you win during the season to get the offer?