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contract choice

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Steve Riddell, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. i am very near middle of season 2 with williams and the car is fantastic. i play on prof AI, ABS off, traction med. i am quilifying pole every time and winning aswell, my rep is currently 25! i won drivers and constructors championship in first season and on course for the same.

    so what offers can i expect on my 3rd season i was hoping for ferrari prefrably or mclaren, if i do AI will be going up to legendary

    what are the chances?? also lotus renault are pushing me hard which i didnt expect i think they will finish second
  2. If you won the Constructor's with Williams, you better stick to them. Their performance is probably neat the top-level teams already, judging by your results.
  3. well i wanted a ferrari contract but massa and alonso are qualifying around 10th now so i think im going to hold out for mclaren
  4. at what race they offered you contract for ferarri or mclaren?
    Because i won 1st season with Force India bouth champion and constructors, won 2nd season bouth champion and constructors, i won 3rd season with Lotus Renault but only champion, now i'm in 4th season at Toro Rosso and i never got offer from big teams, maximum race i waited untill Suzuka untill i accept a contract:eek: