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CONTACT report in server log

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by zaxxon, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know what are the 3 final values in CONTACT report lines found in servers' logs.

    For example, one of these lines finishes with: pilot1,pilot2,-0.750010,-0.718583,25.550060

    What are these numbers?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. I've got an answer from Kunos Simulazioni (they helped me incredibly fast):

    The first 2 numbers are the X and Z coordinate of the impact relative to the "pilot1" car. The third number is the relative speed at the impact point, in KMH.
  3. Woowww thats deep maths:p
  4. thats it! can you suggest to kunos/stefano that the speed of the impact can be multiply lower. like an option in UI or text base of the game folder.

    for instance, a 0.5 multiplier would make it half the speed of impact. because if we can change or alter this, we can have a better race online. no more collusion thats weird or extreme. yes there may still be a no contact collusion, BUT it will just be like touching bumpers since it will not going to be a high speed collusion because lag or other stuff.

    more stuff afterthought.
    maybe there should be like an avarage speed of impact. so it's not the speed of millisecond of impact, but more to average 1 sec. i'm thingking of this because when we're online, the impact speed could be erratic, hence the extreme collusion we get now.