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Consultation Mods

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by vmatias, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I'm using the following mods:
    Real_Audio_ & _Pack_Cams._F12010_By_Master_ (Final_Version)

    I can not play MP. When I enter a box to begin the classification / race.
    He says, "there are no more players and brings me to the point "
    try several times and always the same

    Do not know if it happened but before applying the mods, I had no problem.
    In the Single player works perfect.

    Salu2: D

  2. Sticky curbs is a cheat that will prevent online play. You have altered the database by installing it. You could try learning to race without crashing on curbs? I have never seen the need for that particular cheat mod.
  3. It would be nice if someone came with a database manager,one for sp and one for mp so you can switch between databases.

    Hmmmmmm Maybe I should put this in this thread--->F1 2010 modding questions/request thread or ask nicely to one of the RDDev team.
  4. Recently replaced it orginales the game files.
    Be grounds to block my key?

    Thanks. Salu2: D
  5. oh here comes the sticky curb again..
    dude the game has enough grip level.. why use that mod??
  6. I thought this mod, it improves the graphics of the cord, to a dirty and worn cord
  7. Changing AI, Curbs, grip levels ect are all gonna mess up you MP, the only mods i use are Helmets and my own skins which you can download for free and i would appreciate it :/.

    The curb mod isnt a good one and relying on it, then playing in multiplayer will ruin your chances online. stick to learning the cars own traction with different fuel levels and weather. no assists is a sure way to improve your driving skills, i have moved over and dont regret it one bit.

    However i have been trying the new AI mod, but for Sundays race i will remove to ensure my MP will connect with no issues.

    I have thought about having 2 instals one for Mods and carrer and One for Multiplayer, just like a wide range of MMO games out there, COD ect all have 2 icons ect.

    hope this helps
  8. the generic mod enabler (search the forums, its here somewhere) makes it really easy to switch mods on or off. I have a few ai mods which disable online, so I just use the mod enabler to quickly switch them on or off.

    Also lol at OP for thinking that with what is basically a cheat (sticky kerbs) he could be able to go online. Of course you can't, though i'm sure some dickwads have figured out how to use it online too lol.

    any mod that changes car/track behavior and the ai disables online. All the other ones you can use just fine online. Find it a bit weird that ai mods do this, since you're not racing the ai in multiplyer but hey if it makes it harder for cheats i'm all for it.
  9. Steve you can use AI to fill places in GP online but you have to have at least two human players to launch, but that is why as the AI do race online too if selected.
  10. @steve stoop - isn't it pretty obvious that ppl already know who to cheat online?? there are guys who do faster lap times than TT even.. lolz..
    well, if they get a kick out of cheating.. let them..