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Considering a new steering wheel.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Georgios Davakos, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Hello there.
    I have been away from sim-racing for a long time and decided that I wanted to get back. But since my current G27 is suffering from the calibration issue I need to invest into a new steering wheel.

    What I am wondering is if there is a steering wheel out there that is smoother than the G27 (less or no rattling compared to the G27) and at the same time more quiet than the G27? If so, could you perhaps tell me more about it and your personal experience with it cause that would be really helpful! :) (price is not an issue atm)

    Example on rattling:
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  2. Do you know how well the TR300RS does when it comes to noise levels?
  3. If price truly is no object, then a direct drive (aka servo) wheel is the answer. Bodnar, Accuforce, FREX.
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  4. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    I've recently moved from a t500rs to an accuforce and while the accuforce is a vast improvement, the thrustmaster was and still is a very good wheel and with the t300 having a brushless motor I'd imagine this would be even better, a friend who owns a g27 tried my t500 and instantly said when I sell it he will buy it from me, mainly due to the lack of rattling and the smoother/stronger delivery of the ffb compared with his current g27.
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  5. Both Thrustmaster wheels (T300/T500) are effectively silent when making controlled steering movements. If you are drifting then you do hear a bit of noise but it's definitely not as loud as a Logitech wheel. Note that both Thrustmaster wheels have fans, so you do get an airflow noise if the fan is running (the fans spin up after 15-20 minutes of heavy use usually).
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