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Connection Issues

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Luke Szulc, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I tried play online with rd drivers and everytime i loose connection sometimes after leaving pitlane, sometimes after 1-2 laps on qualification. When screen shows you lost connection. Games Live is switching off and a i loose hole connection with internet. I have to reboot pc to get connection back on. What is a problem? I switched off symantec antivirus, win xp firewall. I still seems to be a problem? Please help
  2. nobody?
  3. Sounds like you have some serious windows issues. If I had this issue, I'd reinstall. I would recommend upgrading to windows 7 too. I used to use XP but it's just riddled with holes that virus, trojan and general scum that do that kind of thing, like to exploit, breaking your system and causing you connection issues.

    Alternatively, it might just be your internet connection. Try using wired connection instead of wireless, perhaps change the wireless channel or get a better wireless signal (ie move the router closer, get better wireless aerial)

    Not so long ago, I was connected to my internet router, via a switch, this was a 100mb switch, that was 10 years old, F1 would connect perhaps 1 in 3 attempts. I changed the switch to a new one and I haven't had a single loss of connection.

    Finally, make sure that you have no downloads running, like torrents or people watching internet tv etc, these generally break your connection to F1.
  4. To confirm, you get this problem only on multiplayer? Single player is ok?
    Can you join any online (quick or custom) games or successully host a multiplayer game?
    Has this always been the case or have you been able to multiplay in the past?
    Are you using any game mods? Are there other users on your network that could be causing a port conflict?

    Assuming this is only happening for online gaming, no game mods or other network users -
    Try uninstalling windows live sign-in assistant/GFWL and d/ling the latest from microsoft.
  5. thanks for reply. only multiplayer. sometimes i can race with 1 or 2 people. but more than that (like custom race with rd drivers) ends up losing connection. I reinstalled win xp. put newest drivers. reinstall the game. no mods. and still got connection lost. im getting fed up slowly. My system set up i s intel q6600 2.4 GHz, hd 5770 graphics card, 4 gb ram, 250 gb hd. Shall i upgrade to win 7?
  6. i can tried run host with 1 player and no issues whatsoever. no other users. i got orange wireless broadband.
  7. James Chant

    James Chant

    As in a 3G usb type connection?
  8. no. its home broadband with livebox.
  9. Ok guys i think its fixed. I believe that it was something to do with wireless connection. I was using usb stick for broadband to connect to livebox. I got cable instead. Installed drivers for pci ethernet controller. plugged in and played today few custom races with 8-11 players. No lost connections. So happy:) Thanks for your advices. I hope i can freely play online from now on:)
  10. Good for you, glad it's sorted. I still have rubbish mobile "broadband" how the hell they can call it broadband is beyond me!!! As a result I cant play online. I was hoping to have proper internet by now, it was already ordered for the 1st April, but the boiler blowing up put paid to that :( ... Oh well here's hoping for May instead. I reckon by the time I get proper internet F1 2015 will have been brought out with no bugs !!!

    Edit. my rubbish internet

    Just orderd Sky Broadband, should be here 27th April
  11. I will never again use wireless dongle usb crap to get internet signal:)
  12. Haha... Im still stuck with it. Boiler blew up so I had to cancel new "real" internet. Rescheduled for 27th April