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confused is me

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Monaf, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys just spent a small fortune joining i racing and I don't get it ( I'm confused as hell)
    I get how to test the cars on the tracks, but that's about it
    How do i take time trails or even race Im also finding the cars quite difficult to drive ( without aids) nd ant seem to find any set up in game that will help me
    if ever there was a sim that needed iracing for dummies published this would be it
  2. Coming from rfactor I found two differences, the breaking and the steering. I find that the force feedback is much firmer, and it takes getting used to, but is superior. You have to turn the sensivity down though big time, cause its too twitchy on any normal setting.

    It takes practice to get used to it. But you'll get there.

    To do a time trial, you need to find an offical server. Basically, on your iracing dashboard, on the left is a "whats hot" section where you search for events, and then join one that suits. TT, qualy and race are all listed here, and shows you what time they start and how many people signed up. Join a server, and off you go! Though to preserve your Saftey rating I suggest practice in one type of car first and make sure you can keep it on the road, then move on to offical events.

    Here is a guide to iracing that could help:


    Heres an offical guide by iracing itself


    Have a read, its all useful. Also check out some youtube vids, they can really help if you're struggling :)
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  3. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    To join TT, Q and Races you need to click 'RACE NOW' in the upper right section and then select race, qualify, time trial or open practise. Click a time (session needs to start within 25 minutes to be selectable) and click 'JOIN'
  4. thanks guys
  5. Hey if you have any more trouble you can add me as a friend on iracing (my name as it appears in these forums) and I can give you more help if needed lol.
  6. Thats kind of you josh Ill do that
  7. im confused,so this must be appropriate place to ask a question

    im new to iracing(2weeks into it),so i noticed with todays new update some of the the available series i had yesterday are replaced with new 13th week events...i need to purchase quite a few things to race...so my question is: is 13th week events something temporary and will I have use for the content i get NOW(in order to race) beyond this week?

    I am class D atm

    also: i have a dilema in chosing a car: im divided between the Corvette and Ford-GT

    i really wana try the Ford,but have read Corvette is better...help
  8. Week 13 is a fun week, some series count SR but that´s the rookie classes.
    Everything else will go back to normal next tuesday.

    Regarding Vette and Ford GT. try the new Cadillac, it´s like a low-powered Vette.
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  9. Ford is a bit slower, generaly closer to Mustang. It's not as stable as the Corvette I'd say. Both cars are great.
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  10. just tried the caddy....this bad boy will take some getting used to,but generally i like it..love the sounds
  11. Yea the base setup is made by a 5-year old kid they brought in to tap in some numbers.

    So pissed it´s not even funny. I´ll wait until there´s some real setups on the forum. Setups that actually have some thought into them.

    About the Ford GT, Vette. Biggest difference is engine placement, completely different balance in the cars.
    I prefer the Ford GT but i can´t say i love either of them. Hopefully the Mclaren will be right up my alley.
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  12. iracing is crap. Trying to make a setup for the star mazda, the tire temps in the middle of the tires are still always higher than the edges no matter what you do to them. I can't hear or feel when the car bottoms out, I have to watch the replays to see when it does. iRacing is pure marketing gimmick. I bet you I've spent $500 and netkar I can pick up for $20 and it has better feel and physics. Call me sucker!! :p
  13. If there's no hidden irony, I'd say there's a problem between the your keyboard and your chair. Tires are fine, the sound of bottoming out is pretty annoying in Corvette and I am not sure about marketing, but it's the most precise out there, no doubt about that. It has its downs, but you picked the wrong ones :p
  14. me?
  15. Nope, Jamie :) Corvette and FGT are amazing cars for sure Hampus! Not usre about the Caddy, but it seems people enjoy it nowadays.
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  16. Now i know why i got confused, ignore button is a wonderful thing!
  17. Yo sucker.
    Me thinks you should go and play NetKar then if you're so dis-satisfied with iRacing.

    I will accept that it is easy to fork out a whole chunk of money on the service, but more fool you if you continue to pay for something you obviously have no liking or time for.
  18. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Sidewalls are included in that calculation. You have more use figuring out how to keep temperatures low and evenly spread over all four tyres.
  19. have to say that after spending some serious track time in iracing im beginning to feel the love
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