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configuring rotaries on an SLI-Pro

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Miguel Gonzalez, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. as the title suggests im having trouble figuring out how to configure the 12 pos rotaries i have hooked into my sli-pro. by default 1 and 2 control the left and right displays respectively but i'd like to assign those functions to different switches. i downloaded the software from EK but it has no instructions and im not quite sure what to do with it >.>
  2. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    You need the special rotary switch Leo designed himself for that function. Here:


    The switch is referenced under the colored wire he has there. I wrote Leo about that particular rotary switch and he gave me a comprehensive note on what it is and so forth. You cannot buy a switch like that from anyone but him as he is the designer. Pretty slick stuff!

  3. ive got his switch installed just needed to figure out how to configure them. just found the ini that has all the options ^^ still not quite sure how to change the rotaries though. it states that it defaults speed displays to switch 1 time to switch 2 and brightness to switch 3 but i dont see anywhere in the ini to change that. any ideas?
  4. So you want to swap the assignment to each switch? for example you want switch 1 to be brightness? I don't think this can be done

    Or do you want to know how to assign the display order for the switches? If this is what you want to do, just under half way down on your ini file you will see these lines

    # you can assign any SPEED function in any order to LEFTDIGITSPANELS tag up to
    # 12 position with a switch or an infinite combination of the 14 speed functions with rotary encoder
    LEFTDIGITSPANELS = 100,101,102,103,112,113

    # you can assign any TIME function in any order to RIGHTDIGITSPANELS tag up to
    # 12 position with a switch or an infinite combination of the 48 time functions with rotary encoder
    RIGHTDIGITSPANELS = 200,201,202,213,231,232

    This shows that each switch has 6 different diplay options. Above these lines is the "code" for each function, so you just type these numbers into the order you want them as you flick through your switch.

    Hope this is what you're after.
  5. thats what im after unfortunately. i found the lines to program switches 4 5 n 6 but i dont want brightness on switch 3 id rather it on switch 6 lets say.
  6. Hi guy's, can enyone help me out on this one.

    I got 12 buttons on my wheel, 6 x 12 pos. rotary switches and 2 rotary encoders and 2 potentiometers.
    On the wiring diagram of the SLI PRO you can connect 6 rotarys, in my case i got 7.

    My question: can i use a wire from the left over buttons to connect my 7th rotary??

    Regards, Heinz.
  7. You are using the Term Rotary wrong. You have 5 12 Position Rotary Switches and 2 Rotary Encoders

    Rotary Switches are specialty items, and the Sli Pro can only handle 6 of those indeed. However Rotary Encoders are something completly different. Rotary Encoders basicly work like 2 buttons. Turning left is button 1, Turning right is button 2 etc. So you can hook up Encoders like you would hook up a pair of buttons. So next to 6 Rotary Switches you can atleast hook up 8 more Rotary Encoders

    pretty important to know how these differ from each other, especially when wiring them up. The Rotary Switches can only be hooked up on certain positions!

    However, since you already have 14 buttons (daaaamn thats alot!)
    you should wire them up like this to make it work:

    Connector 1:
    1 Brown: 5V Potentiometer and Rotary Switches
    2 Red: Ground Shared between all buttons/switches/potentiometers
    3 Orange: Button 1
    4 Yellow: Button 2
    5 Green: Button 3
    6 Blue: Button 4
    7 Violet: Button 5
    8 Grey: Button 6
    9 White: Button 7
    10 Black: Button 8
    11 Brown: Rotary Switch 1
    12 Red: Rotary Switch 2
    13 Orange: Rotary Switch 3
    14 Yellow: Potentiometer 1

    Connector 2
    1 Brown: 5V Potentiometer and Rotary Switches
    2 Red: Ground Shared between all buttons/switches/potentiometers
    3 Orange: Button 9
    4 Yellow: Button 10
    5 Green: Button 11
    6 Blue: Rotary Switch 4
    7 Violet: Button 12
    8 Grey: Rotary Switch 5
    9 White: Button 13
    10 Black: Potentiometer 2
    11 Brown: Rotary Encoder 1 Button 1
    12 Red: Rotary Encoder 1 Button 2
    13 Orange: Rotary Encoder 2 Button 1 OR Button 14
    14 Yellow: Rotary Encoder 2 Button 2 OR Button 14

    So either you have to lose one of your buttons, or you will end up with a Rotary encoder which only works turning left or right.

    need little soldering project though, but unfortunatly you mis 1 connection :)

    ps, why are you looking in ini files for changing the buttons, why not just resolder them on the PCB?
  8. Sound Advice Roy

    Thx :)
  9. Roy, the encoders have 3 pins to weld, i presume the outside pins are for the cables of the buttons and the middle one is for the 5V power? Is that correct? What about the grounding. My type of encoder is http://www.ctscorp.com/components/datasheets/288.pdf
    the 288T model.

    Regards, Heinz.
  10. The grounding goes to the middle, the encoders do not require 5V.
  11. Two outter pins are for the positive connections of the two 'buttons' the middle is a shared 'earth'

    hope that helps :)
  12. Thx guy's. :)

    I ordered a female usb mini-B smd connector to connect my cables from the SLI PRO usb connector socket ( i cant use the standard mini socket).
    Do i need to twist violet and grey togheter, and white and black aswel?
  13. In the manual for the sli pro on Leo's site, it gives good wiring instructions on how to splice the harness and a usb cable together. used quite a few times, worked like a champ

  14. Hi Heinz, where do you suppose i could buy those rotary encoders you mentioned? i couldn't find any online. would you have spares for me to buy from you?
  15. I have those in stock :)

    Mail me at brian.clancy@simracinghardware.com I can sort some out for you :)
  16. Hi GUYS!

    I got a SLI-PRO, and I already have the rotary switches plugged in but I'm just LOST on how to make them work on the SLIMAX MANAGER. Could someone help me? This is really hard, I'm new in this whole thing.