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configuration problems With the th8rs

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by James Capper, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I have recently purchased a thrustmaster th8rs to replace the g25 one that i have now....but when i try to configure it to iracing it defaults to the sequential (paddles) even though the animations on the interface are the h box and are going to the right gears.
    When i go into the game only sequential gears are working.
    can anyone help??
  2. what car are you driving?
    some cars eg. caddie and starmazda will only use sequential
  3. the skippy is the car at the moment....but i'll give some others a try, and get back to you
  4. tried it on a couple of cars i know have h box gears still defaulting to sequential even though the animation on the setup panel says other wise??????????

    It works great on all my other games, but the one game I wanted it to work on... and it doesn't
  5. problem sorted...there's only a hand full of cars in iRacing that are not sequential gearing.
    I personnally think you should be able to choose yourself whether to have one or the other
  6. Mustang
    Mazda Roadster/Cup
    Lotus 79

    are the only ones with H-box (might have forgotten one or two)
    Street Stock maybe?

    Basically you have to run what the real car have, all in the name of realism.