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Skins Complete 2016 HD Ferrari S16-H Team Package (Updated Livery Design, Steering Wheel & Garage) Final

HD livery & Steering wheel - Race Suits Helmets & Gloves - Custom HD Garage - Race Pit Crew Clothing

  1. ClimaxF1 submitted a new resource:

    2016 F1 Season - Ferrari S16-H HD Livery - Ferrari 2016 S16-H Livery & Steering wheel

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  2. excellent job but you have to add the two these two of the nose

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  3. I'm not sure what you taking about, nose has all the sponsors. Just uploaded new image with top view. There you can see more of the car
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  4. i mean these

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  5. I see what you mean now, unfortunately that's impossible. You cannot add objects to these designs. You have to use what you have and work with it
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  6. Hey bro,the first release of the ferrari was fine but when i installed the "update" it glitched out kind of. F1_2014 2016-06-24 15-57-32-43.jpg F1_2014 2016-06-24 15-57-35-26.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
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  7. you have done excellent job but why you cant add the cameras on the front?
  8. The cameras stick out of the car. The templates don't have space for them
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  9. Hey I love your work! But I have one problem. The steering wheel of the car is too much to the front. Any idea's how to fix this? Cheers!
  10. You would have to change you camera file in the livery file. try installing the camera file you had before
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  11. Have the same problem (krsskos mod 2016) any solution?
  12. What's up, your liver looks like ****. LOL
    You have remove the complete krsskos livery and replace with mine.

    Let me know what happens
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  13. I have the same bug like GeokanD! The livery is complete buggy. I just copyed the date and put it in the fe2 file.
  14. Hi there,

    My advice for any mod is to copy flies over a clean copy of the original file to avoid bugs.
    Install the original Ferrari fe2 (2014 Game) livery and copy my one over that and you should be ready to race.

    Here's two new downloads I just updated. Here you should have no problems as they are Mercedes chassis


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  15. ClimaxF1 updated Complete HD Ferrari Team S16-H Package with a new update entry:

    Complete HD Ferrari Team S16-H Package 4.0

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  16. i dont know ifyou upload the new files because i downloaded and the skin don have ray ban logo
  17. the problem is krsskos use mercedes chassis and the texture is for redbull chassis
  18. The new file is on it's way. I don't know how that happened. The file before making Rar has all liveries and after not. ????