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Commentator Job Taken?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    (before you read this, the WT Highlights i am still waiting from Thomas but he has some problems but what i know he is making good progress, so dont post anything on this thread relating to the Highlights)

    now when i contacted Sam to be any Commentator (Main or Colour) he hasnt replied yet and i dont know if the job has been taken or he is busy to announce it yet

    So i just want to know if any position has been taken or still free because i am aching to be in commentary box this season, but much more experienced and will make less mistakes

    Thanks for reading this

    Ron Squire
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  2. Cuddles
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  3. I can confirm that I'm editing the highlights for Ron so don't hold him back on this regard. If anyone could direct me to some capture software that looks half-decent when its recorded that would be helpful though. Let me know guys. Also going to announce some stuff about media in the next few days as part of my official FSR job.
  4. I'm curious as to what is happening, when it goes to who is doing what. After the Winter Series, I wanna to if I'm continuing commentating or not haha XD
  5. yeah lewis continu in WC please your awesome!!!!
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  6. aww thanks :) means alot to me. I'm gonna try :)
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  7. there are more good commentators
    but in winter series i find you doing a very good job!!!!!!!!!!!

    So there me commentators the better!
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  8. I remember that the winter series comentators were saying Martan rather than Martín (see Long Beach for example). I was laughing every single time i heard my surname :roflmao:.
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  9. That may have been my fault, Carlos, sorry! I thought that's how you pronounce the accent on the I in your name. The proper pronounciation is now duly noted :p
  10. yeah I should apologies aswell. Names = not my strong suit. It's always funny when we get it wrong.
  11. so anyway since the dates and times are up i wonder when a post will be put up for the commentators doing the job
  12. When will the announcement be up?
  13. Don't worry Scott that was fine.
  14. Hope Lewis and Scott commentating in WT this 2013 season :)
  15. i think lewis will do the WC with Nick
  16. I'm not doing WC. From what I have been told I'm on WS atm but maybe moved to WT due to what other people are doing but it's all a bit of a cofufle atm. It'll be sorted soon enough, I hope XD
  17. ok but when is the announcment from sam be up
  18. bump
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  19. lol only 1 week to go
  20. right i have been told there is no commentator jobs left, but i will continue with WT 2012 Highlights and start the 2013 Highlights straight afterwards
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