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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just letting those who wish to know i will be making a comeback this weekend, Will be driving for Aero F1 in the WC, looking forward to it after a break, fired up and ready to race !

    I left GT as personaly we had some issues that i could not sort and i felt i should leave the team and let them go ahead, GT is a great team and i would reccomend it to anyone.

    Looking forward to a new venture with Aero F1 as the welcome i recieved was very nice.

    Lets hope i can stay at this team as im fed up of moving round teams now lol i feel like Martin Gosbee ! haha
  2. YES LEE :D hehe looking forward to commentating on your return :p
  3. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Very good choice of team Lee, and welcome back!!
  4. Good to have you in our team Lee :D
  5. Hopefully i can provide you with something to talk about lol
  6. im sure youll do great :)
  7. Great race today Lee..
  8. Well that was a lenghty stay, wasn't it?