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Mods Colored Tachometer and Brighter Pace Notes v1

tachometer, pace notes mod colored, Proudly UN-ORIGINAL!

  1. robnitro submitted a new resource:

    Colored Tachometer and Brighter Pace Notes - tachometer, pace notes mod colored

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  2. I'm curious how you know the game models the Tq curve?

    Also, i'm interested in the 'other storey' for the boost gauge not showing in game boost?
  3. I don't know how the game does it but I have ran small tests and saw some cars are slower to a speed shifting at Red vs a bit earlier.

    The ingame boost gauge is very unrealistic. On the newer wrc cars they make max torque at low_midrange. But the gauge shows very little boost then. In tuning cars and seeing dynos, I know max torque happens at around high boost (as long as ve is good - which it usually is, ve drops at high revs on most turbo engines)
  4. http://passionford.com/forum/5810027-post11.html This explains it all!

    Wrc engines run very high compression and very small restrictors. 34mm to be exact. This obviously restricts the engine to 300-320bhp.

    Due to the restrictor at low rpm you can run big boost at high rpm you cannot. The turbo sucks air through the restrictor. And at a certain point the restrictor will not let any more air through but the turbo keeps trying to suck air through, this causes a depression after the restrictor. You have to carefully monitor and measure the depression as the turbo can over speed and break.

    A typical wrc engine boost curve will be at 3000rpm 36/38psi and at 7000rpm 7/8psi (can change dependant on depression) you run very high compression as basically as you rev the engine you turn it back into an atmo engine (sounds strange but it's true) boost goes so you make the engine produce the power, not the turbo. Big cams also help with this, but timed not only for top end power, as a rally engines most usable power range is mid really 3500-6000rpm (where the 300bhp is!)
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