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Cockpit Mirrors Frame Rate Drop

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by WhyDoIHave2Register, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. This problem is only apparent if you use the cockpit view.

    Anyway, not sure if anyone else is having or has even noticed this problem, but it seems like the cockpit mirrors suffer from some kind of optimization issue. While everything seems to run at the intended frame rate, the cockpit mirrors (ie any mirrors: rear and side ones) clearly suffer from a kind of drop frame rate issue.

    Has any noticed this problem/issue?
  2. Who looks in the mirrors anyway?
    What's behind you isn't important - and usually I'm last anyway .....
  3. I've not noticed a frame rate drop in the mirrors, purely because I find that the rev counter and speed block them, depending on which side of the car the steering wheel is. It's only a problem with the analog counter it seems as I've had no issues with the digital one yet.
  4. LOL

    But the rate frame issue (if its even that, though it looks like thats what it is) happens despite any speedometer whether it be the digital or analog one...

    Game is great... but this bug is really annoying.
  5. Its not a bug. Game runs at 60fps , mirrors are 30fps. Thats the price we pay for more overall detail.