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Co op mode need patching

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Cody White, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. HEy guys, not one to complain...and i do not have a codemasters forum id set up...maybe someone can help me out with getting them this info. Ran co-op last night with my buddy...absolutely love this feature with only a few minor issues that take away from the realism of the game. First off after qualifying in p1 and p2 our tires reset from around 90% tread left to 100%...so we had new tires to start the race! Then the other issue...which is major for me, the ai difficulty. We started our first race on intermediate to get a feel for the game mode...turned the diff up to legend because we waxed them at the first race...i was shocked to see that we were still on a pace that was 12 seconds faster than the 3rd place car...I know for a fact, this shoud be a lot tougher on legend...once again not complaining, just wanting cm to take a look and fix this issue.
  2. Did you both qualify in the top 10?
  3. p1 and 2 we were 12 seconds faster than the field...i am aware of the current f1 rules
  4. "we were still on a pace that was 12 seconds faster than the 3rd place car... "

    Hey Cody,
    Just making sure you know that this has been posted on the CM forums a while back and Stephen Hood via Twitter said he is aware of it. Don't feel bad for complaining. I don't know anything about if and when it will get fixed which is the bad news. Supposedly the dev team returned from a holiday today (10/3), since the game released in the UK. Hopefully we get some kind of time frame soon...today would be nice. I'd like to play co-op before the season ends.