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CMS Rally Team Announcement

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Aaron DeMarre, Dec 28, 2010.

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    If anyone is interested in running in the Rallyesim championships in addition to the awesome rallies that RaceDepartment provides, I am announcing the formation of a new team, the CMS Rally Team.

    This team will provide a place for those who do not want to commit to a full season, or simply want to give the Rallyesim championships a try, but would like to rally with an organized Rallyesim stable, taking advantage of the great rally community we have at Champion Motorsports (CMS). This team has no participation requirements, I only ask that existing members let me know if they wish to drop out of the team, as there are only 10 slots available.

    We also have a driver slot open in our original Rallyesim team, Press on! Rallysport (PoR). This team has a participation expectation of 60%, or 30 rallies in the 2011 season.

    You can find the official announcement here: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/showthread.php?t=15132

    This in no way is meant to compete with the RD rallies, just an opportunity to try the official RSRBR rallies in a casual team environment, with the RSRBR software you already have.
  2. Thanks Aaron, i'll have a look at it (never competed in a Rallysim event?).
  3. Thanks for taking a look, if you have any questions, just let me know.
  4. Tempted as well, wanted to take part in rallyesim's stuff, but didn't know where to start really.
  5. The nice thing about the Rallyesim rallies is that they can be done at any point during the week, so it is easier to fit them in around other commitments. They are a bit different than the RD rallies in that they have cumulative damage, so when you crash out, you are out for that leg. They also run some long, 3 day rallies, so if you go out on the first leg you can come back under super rally rules.

    If you run in a stable (team) you must register a rally for stable points each week, before the rally starts. You then score points for that team in that rally for the week. It adds quite a bit of depth to the championships, and since there are no set times to run, they fit in nicely to a busy schedule.
  6. I would give it a try too :) some new experiences, never tried it as well?
  7. Just an update, there was more interest from the CMS guys than I was expecting, so I have only 3 slots open in CMSRT, which is a zero commitment team, and I believe we still have one on the PoR team, if anyone is interested in making more of a commitment.

    So Eddie, Senad, and Ondrej if you are still interested, head over to our team's forums at http://cmsracing.com and register there. Or if you want more info, just shoot me a PM.

    The season starts next week, with Rallye Monte Carlo the week after, and it looks like the team will be registered and running by then!
  8. Wow, that was fast. One spot left in CMS Rally Team, one spot left in PoR Rally Team! :eek:
  9. Do you need to be signed up and part of a team to compete in RSRBR championship? Or can you just jump in as you please when the rally is on?
  10. You can jump in and run the championships at any time, no teams needed. You have to pick a car on the RSRBR site for whatever series you want to run, but you can run them anytime until they switch at midnight GMT+1. Highly recommend trying Rallye Monte Carlo which runs Jan. 17th-23rd.

    The teams add a lot of depth and some strategy to it all, as you are scored separately from the overall scoring. There is also a career mode you can do for a 3rd way to score points.