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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Marius Erlandsen, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I am relatively new to racing and was just wondering if you guys use the clutch when shifting? Seems to me it works just fine without clutching, but I sort of feel as though I may be cheating in a way...

    So, are you supposed to use the clutch or not?
  2. Probably because you have auto-clutch on?

    Auto Clutch is the only driver aid allowed on RD servers so no cheat :)
  3. I use auto-clutch for all WTCC cars. They don't need operate of the clutch except when driving away and on downshifting. Also the H-gate from BMW..
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Not really, autoshift is also allowed
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys.

    So, how do you know which car has sequential shift, need/dont need clutch, and uses H-pattern?

    It's all well and good that you are allowed to use auto clutch or some such thing, but I still feel like I'm not doing it "properly" :p

    Since I am already posting, can I also ask what amount of turning degree you guys use on your G25? 900 seems an awful lot, so I turned it down to 360 abouts. I read some old post about steering lock and stuff but it made absolutely no sense to me :question:

    Edit: Oh and about my original question, I am pretty sure I have turned auto clutch off but it still allows me to shift without clutching, except for some weird behaviour when I am starting off...
  6. Only the 5 speed BMW has H-gate (from WTCC and STCC cars) Further the WTCC1987 cars and the Caterhams, and Camaro from STCC. In Evo the Dodge Viper street car has H-gate. Further nothing I believe..

    Further it's all sequential.

    I believe only the Caterhams and the WTCC1987 cars need clutching. The WTCC and STCC e90 5 speed has a specific mechanism why clutching is not needed. Not sure bout the e46 tho.

    I use Fanatec wheel and I use 450 deg on WTCC and Camaro from STCC.
    I use 900 deg on caterhams. And 270 on F3000, FBMW, Touring cars from Evo, and Radicals
  7. yup, Johan is right... but i still recommend using what's most comfortable to you

    as for rotation/lock: 360/15 is great for open wheelers and rally, but for gt/wttc cars i find 540/17 more comfortable... it's mostly a matter of personal preference though...

    and yes, the game will allow you to shift without clutching, because you can do that in a real car too... it's not as easy though :)
  8. My usual locks is like this:

    270 deg: ~15 deg
    450 deg: ~17 for RWD, ~15 for FWD
    900 deg: ~32
  9. hmm rotation is in the logitech setup program thing, and "lock" is... in car setup? Why wouldn't you just always have max degree here?

    Edit: Oh oh, Johan, do the other cars have flappy pedal shifters or a stick up/down? It has to be right you see :)
  10. Correct steering lock for the WTCC cars is 720/24 :)

    H shift: 5 speed BMWs, Caterhams, Camaro, WTCC87, road cars - I use it in all the road cars as they seem to have quite long shift delays with sequential.

    Sequential: WTCC, STCC, Radicals, GT Pro/Sport/Club, FBMW, F3000 and any others I've missed.

    The FBMW doesn't have ignition cut in real life so you would normally have to lift between changes, you don't have to ingame though.

    If you have a clutch pedal run with auto clutch off and then just use it when you need it - such as starts or if you are h shifting.
  11. rotation is in wheel setup yes. Why not this maxed out? Because most race cars have a rotation of 270-540 deg.

    Lock in-game is in car setup. More lock means directer input. It means the wheels can turn more. If you have this too high the steering might become too sensitive. And you would never use that max lock, because there are no turns that extreme. So you can be more precise with lower lock.
  12. But BMW e90 H-gate doesn't need clutch except at a race start.

  13. I meant the lock. Why not always have that at max. You dont HAVE to turn the wheel (as in tires) all the way, you just get a feel for how much you need, I would think... But I see your point.

    Thanks for the quote too!
  14. It doesn't need the clutch in real life, but if you try and flat shift with the E90 it will just hit the rev limiter. You need to lift off between shifts/use the clutch or run with auto clutch to simulate the ignition cut.
  15. That's why I use auto-clutch
  16. You can upshift without clutching easily, but you can't match revs on a downshift without a clutch (or without autoclutch, which doesn't do it as well as it possibly can be done because then it will be quite unfair). Look up heel-and-toe videos on youtube (there are several).

    (There's nothing on this subject in the sticky threads?)
  17. You can:
    Greg Murphy does it in a V8 Supercar, by just throttling a bit when downshifting.

  18. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.
  19. Greg Murphy doesn't use the clutch, but he does blip the throttle sometimes on a downshift, as Johan mentioned.

    Frankly, the whole clutch thing in Race 07/rFactor doesn't make sense to me. With NetkarPro, in the 1600s, you cannot change gear unless you let off the throttle. In Race 07, I have been racing a good bit without auto-clutch yet the gearbox takes no damage. There are parts of the game which hold it from being a simmmy-sim.
  20. True, but well the engine is just dated.

    In LFS you can't shift without clutching. And if you release the clutch too quickly it will harm the clutch. Or if you let it slip too long it will harm as well..