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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rob Harpum, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Just a quick one Guys .. Im driving pro with all aids turned off including Auto clutch and blip ..
    When im driving for instance , the BMW Z4 GT3 or p/45 or even the Tatus i dont use the clutch and just bang my way up through the gears ,, when changing down i blip the throttle .
    When driving the Lotus road cars , or the fiat 500 etc etc , When i change gear the rev limiter goes hard over every change . Now i know i should be coming off the gas to change up or better still , do a normal clutch gas change but why does this happen on some cars and not others .
    I camr from GTR2 to this and find it strange .
  2. The reason is that the electronics on the Z4, P4/5 etc. take over clutch use. That's a part of the whole sequential gearbox setup. Most of the road cars (the exceptions being the BMW M3 E92 + Z4, the Ferrari 458 + 599XX, and the Paganis) use an H-pattern gear selection method that requires you to use the clutch. The reason you can flat-shift on the cars that I listed is because of the electronics once again - those cars have that system installed. I'd hazard a guess that GTR2 doesn't simulate clutch use properly? I know most of the Gmotor2 sims didn't. I certainly never had to do it with the manual H-pattern cars in RACE 07 or rFactor.
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  3. You can shift up with auto-clutch off in GTR2 but it increases engine wear. You can do this for a 1hr race but no longer. Auto clutch assist on takes cars of lift and blip.

    Also in GTR2 with the auto-clutch off it's tricky to keep the car stable under braking without blipping so you have to add some gas when downshifting.
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  4. When i used to league race with GTR2 The Aliens , Berger , Rafnix , Spad all use to use Manual clutch and never wasted there engines . Just going to have to get used to using the clutch a lot more ,, thanks guys ..
  5. Ooooh Berger is my arch rival :D

    We actually put auto-clutch off-on button on the wheel(with logitech profier) so on the straights we put it off to get little little faster acceleration and then turn the aid on when downshifting.

    And those guys I think never use clutch except during the pits ;) Blipping is enough.

    Me and Berger are usually couple of seconds or couple of tenths apart at the finish(of a 30min or 90min race).
  6. What Sim you Racing with Berger at the moment ?