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Clubsport Pedals Maintenance ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Sergio Goncalves, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Hi, I really like feel of the CSP's...but I guess they need extra procedures to be always at full wealth..

    What kind of lubrificant should be used with them? WD-40?
    And do I need to fully "open" the pedals to remove the throttle spring & bar ?
  2. Have had mine for over a year. (could be 2 years now)

    Maintenance = a T-shirt over them when i don´t use them.

    I had one issue where the throttle would play around some but it fixed itself for some reason.
    I would not mess with them unless you can feel something is odd.

    Edit: if you are persistent on lubricating them, go to their site and look for that tune up kit and use that oil.
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  3. Actually I have to open them because i need to change the throttle... I'll take a look at that oil.
    I think it is dry lube, might be able to find it in some shop.
    I contacted fanatec some weeks ago about that.becuase my brake pedals seems to have some sensitive problems, and I think some lubrificant might solve the problems...didn't received any answer yet.

    Thanks anyway!
  4. I use Teflon dry lube that I got from a bike shop.
    I think you do unfortunately need to open everything...mine are overdue a service but I'm scared to open them up because I always struggle to get them back together again!
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  5. Nice one, Hampus.

    If you want you can re-lube the brake and use some computer duster to keep the throttle and clutch sensors clean (my clutch can be twitchy sometimes). Other than that, if you don't have them hard mounted they can develop a wobble. This can be fixed by placing the pedals on a table or counter with the offending corner hanging off. You then need to push down on that corner while keeping the rest of the base steady on the counter (might take a couple of tries).

    Here you can see Thomas take apart the CSP's (think he shows how to fix the wobble somewhere)
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  6. Yea been doing that wobble thing once or twice, but realized last time it´s my floor that´s not perfectly smooth so i have to compromize my setup to sort of "miss" the bumps in the floor.
    It´s basically millimeters but it´s pretty annoying when there´s a small gap when hitting the pedals.
  7. Hi, I'm bumping this thread just to let people know that is possible to changes some componentes (like spring and the bars that hold the throttle and clutch) without completely open the CSP.You just need to remove the sensor and the metalic cylinder inside the "cubic piece".

    It can be a bit tricky to get them back together, you need a bit of force to make the things go to place again, because the spring will be fully released and making force.
  8. Why is it private?