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Club vs League threads in regard to championships

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craig Whitmore, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I think it's safe to say all of us who post in the Club and League threads, are interested in the online game mode.

    There seems to be some consternation regarding where the classification of a championship falls, is it a club race, or a league race. Personally, I don't really care which thread it goes in, however others do and it is my wish not to cause any issues.

    The main difference between a league event and a club event is that of structure. The league is somewhat closed and is very structured with the complete season organised to a schedule and tables offering current standings, where as club races, there is no structure, not all races will be the same and anyone can sign up for an individual race.

    With that of a championship event, it's a bit of a grey area between league and club, as the races are organised to some degree, but they are essentially one off's. The different is that there are a series of linked events.

    In the championship event that I am running, I have specifically said that the race is open to anyone who chooses, however previous attendees will be give priority over new people. I chose to hold a championship rather than a single race, is it holds more lasting appeal.

    Perhaps another forum section is required for Championship racing, as to put championship threads in the league section, might cause a lot of unnecessary clutter, however to put the championship in the club section is also misleading.
  2. I do hold an objection to my Amateur Sunday Championship thread being CLOSED. I would gladly hold the event in the league, or the Club page, but when the moderators can't decide amongst themselves which section it belongs in, I do NOT see why I should be made an example of.

    It is totally unfair to close my championship thread down, I think firstly, the grey area should be cleared up before putting obstacles in my way, when all I am trying to do is enjoy the forum and the game. Do you think that I post a championship thread in the Club thread to purposely cause trouble? NO.

    Please re-open or move the thread to the appropriate section and leave it there, it has already been moved twice and now closed. I have also had to start a new one, as the previous thread was renamed to an inappropriate title that was not the correct description. This is not really very acceptable.

    The solution - Create a Championship section to sit alongside Club and League.
  3. I have to say this is somewhat confusing. It 1st appeared in the club section, then got moved to the league section, then got moved back to the club section, & now there is a post thats says dont post it in the club section.

    The peeps in charge need to be consistant. Please talk to each other.

    Where exactly should it be posted then?
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    This is being sorted, please be patient whilst we work this out.

    Your comments have been taken on board.
  5. Well seems like you got the forum mods not wanting a race series of any description in the 'stand-alone' club section, but the admins of the RD PC F1 league not wanting another race series in their section.

    I can see both sides, but to simply ping pong and then close threads down without supplying a solution to you must be very frustrating.
    I agree this is a grey area, but it would seem common sense to leave it in the Club section, as what you are planning is essentially a series of stand alone races with some points awarded.

    Bills 'Tuesday night challenge' 19 race series still remains open in the Club section.......

    If I was you, little things like this would make me say stuff it. I mean, we are surrounded by bureaucracy in our day to day lives and come here to escape and have fun dont we?

    Im sure James will be doing his best to resolve, but in the meantime, shutting you down seems a tad harsh.
  6. Shut me down now and I will come back more powerful than you can imagine...(light sabre smiley required!)

    Please Mr Moderators, make this something to discuss amongst yourselves, and in the mean time, open my thread back up, so that I may continue in my blissful ignorance, devoid of any involvement in forum section politics and continue to enjoy my championship races.
  7. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Actually we do but it seems people keep posting "leagues" in the club section. In order to be it a league up to RD standards it should be good.

    Just opening a thread and say: hi this is my league please join. Is not really a league with a decent backbone. Not saying people above have such leagues.

    We are currently occupied with so much stuff that we can't always act immediately. But believe it when we say we fix it tonight :doublethumb:

    Also it doesn't hurt to shoot a pm to people if you want to get stuff noticed.
  8. So, my thread, is that going to be re-opened?

    I feel victimised, please un-victimise me.
  9. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I am partly to blame here, I saw it in the league section and moved it to the Race Club since it isnt an official RD league and these chamionships are mainly held over 1 session (of course the whole 19 races in the other thread listed above is over more sessions but I still think it is more relavant to the Race Club section)

    I then moved it back to the Race club section thinking that I had just done a re-divert on the link and did the oposite of what I did the previous day and that got rid of it totally from the league section only to then real that James had posted a msg stickied that it shouldnt be there.

    Sorry for the inconvinience im sure it will be sorted soon enough.
  10. James Chant

    James Chant

    Ok guys. There is now a "other f1 leagues" sub forum in the league section. So all the platforms have a dedicated "RDF1C" sub forum and all other leagues / championships / series have a home in the other section.I hope this is suitable for all.Comments welcome...
  11. The issue has now been cleared up and I am most appreciative of the end result, thank you.

    We should further this banning Andrew from the forum for 2 reasons, 1: He's inhumanely fast and 2: he's a trouble maker.... :wink:
  12. LMAO. Every1 happy! Baanning Andrew will make no difference to me, I will still be last! :wink: