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Clio slides like crazy :)

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Martijn Scheffel, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I guess it's my way of driving, but i really have problems steering the Clio in a turn. When i brake and downshift the car is stable but when i steer into the corner it breaks and starts sliding.
    Is there a way to compensate this in the setup of the car, or can i "fix" it with a better appraoch to the corner?

    Is it called "lift" what happens?

    Hopefully you know what i mean, sometimes things are hard to translate when it comes to a feeling.
  2. Cannot directly say what you do wrong, but it seems you go into the corner with a too high speed. If you steer with a too high steering lock that even makes it worse. You will slide off like you have huge understeer. Also check the gear which you go into the corner, if it to low you might lock the wheels aswell.
    Let the car just roll thru the corner, slower is better! :)
    If you lift, you only release throttle.

    Anyway, the CLIO needs smooth driving to be really fast (which I also don't master like the aliens around here), also don't forget that it's a front wheel drive and that needs other handling/driving than rear wheel drive.... :confused:
  3. I see alot of people online trying to hotlap right out of the pits. Don't push the car for two or three laps. Get some heat into the tires. Play with your setup. Just my two cents.
  4. That is exactly what i mean Stefan. It feels
  5. Like massieve understeer. What is à good steeringlock for THE Clio?
  6. The steering lock can be found in the garage under general settings. I use between 18 and 21 degrees steering lock (depends on car and/or track). In my windows profile settings I got my G27 configured with 540 degrees.

    When you search the forum on wheel settings you will find many tips and how to set it up. :thumbsup: