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Clio Championship S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Gaz, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    I have worked out most the details for the Clio Championship, see below.
    I also need some info from anyone interested in signing up, see below.

    Car: Renault Sports Clio V6 (Stock)
    Assists: To be announced
    Upgrades: Banned
    Setup: Allowed

    Tracks (11)
    Sebring International Raceway - Club (1.70 Mi)
    Mugello – Club (1.79 Mi)
    Sedona Raceway Park – Club (2.02 Mi)
    Silverstone - International (2.25 Mi)
    Indianapolis - The Brickyard Speedway (Oval) (2.50 Mi)
    Bernese Alps – Club (2.52 Mi)
    Road Atlanta - Full (2.54 Mi)
    Suzuka - West (2.15 Mi)
    Twin RIng Motegi - East (1.88 Mi)
    Circuit de Catalunya - National (1.85 Mi)
    Laguna Seca (2.24 Mi)

    • There will be 1 test event before the Championship starts, points will not be counted for this event.
    • Each race event will be 2 heats, with 10 laps each heat.
    • Heat 1 Normal grid (random I think).
    • Heat 2 reverse grid.
    • It will auto load Heat 2 I have no control over that.
    • Events should be no longer than 50 minutes for both heats.
    • I will set the timeout to 2 minutes after the first person has crossed the line.
    • Teams will be allowed. (It will be the case of picking another driver to make the team up and I will do the points after the race).
    • Events will be once every 2 weeks and start at 8.30pm UK time.
    • This will be open to all Licensed Members.
    Info I need from people interested in signing up
    Do you want to allow all assists, or just set ones, if so what ones?
    Driving/braking line will be turned on as I use it.

    How do you want to handle connection issues?
    I am thinking allow 10 minutes for connection issues, so that is 1 hour in total, but I would like to hear your ideas. I will open the lobby 10 / 15 minutes before the event starts.

    1st 10
    2nd 8
    3rd 6
    4th 5
    5th 4
    6th 3
    7th 2
    8th 1
    Fastest lap 1

    Feedback and Questions
    If you have any feedback or questions please post them, I would like to hear them :D.

    Signed up

    Reserved Numbers
    Dylan Hember - 7
    Derek McCord - 14
    Andrew Skinner - 22

    Race Calendar
  2. I'm easy on all that you stated - have no preference on day.
    I tend to use braking line as well. I use a controller / simsteering / no TCS but do like abs!
    Also I think a break over xmas makes sense as people have other priorities - may be visiting etc,.

  3. I'm available everyday and not too bothered which day we race.

    Personally I will be using only the braking line, but would like to stop using it soon. Considering the relatively low speeds of the Clio V6 I think we should consider no assists. I realize this can be daunting for some but it makes for better racing in the end.

    A break over Xmas is a good idea but hope to have some club events.

    As with connections, if someone doesn't connect by the time the race starts then no race for them. If someone disconnects in the race, tough unless everyone disconnects. It just takes too long to get everything started up and to go back every minute because someone disconnects.

    I think maybe 1 point for fastest lap. If the winner gets fastest lap in the first race they already have a 5 point lead.
  4. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Someone brought this up in another post, do we have Automatic, Manual w/o clutch, Manual with clutch or allow all?

    I will be doing club events over Christmas and New Year as normal.

    Didn't think about that, I agree and have made the change in the first post.
  5. Manual with clutch - gives user an advantage in terms of overall speed/accel - does not penalise those who don't use it.
    I used clutch in FM3 but cannot hack it with button combos available in FM4 - will need to persevere.
  6. I would be interested with this, I vote for no-assists! My view is the more assists we have the more it takes away from the driver the ability to make the difference in-race. FM4 is the best sim around n can't understand y people have assists on (including braking/race line) especially with relative low speed clios. As for gears I think it should be left to individual, Pls put me down, my only issue is that I work shifts so cud we have diff days every 2 weeks otherwise I'll miss races due to bein on nights, say Tues 1 week, Thurs 2 weeks later b then back to Tues again 2 weeks after that. Looking forward to it.
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  7. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    I can do Tuesday, Friday or Saturday for the events. Thrusday Andrew setup events and also the F1 2011 league has Thrusday and Sunday night, I have read.
  8. I guess not everyone has a wheel plugged in to their XBOX and not everyone is Sebastian Vettel, lol.

    If someone else on the grid is using auto gears, ABS, TCS and braking line, then good for him. As long he has some degree of control over the vehicle using these to not make him a wrecking ball, then I say let him use them. Forcing him to switch them all off would be asking for trouble IMO or he may decide to not race at all.

    It's usually a given that manual changing is quicker than automatic anyway lap time wise, plus I always find I am a little quicker with TCS off, but each to their own. The aids are in the game for a reason as everyone is of varying degrees of ability. Unless the league is only wanting a certain level of driver I say let the driver choose his assists if he wants to use them.

    Friday or Saturday would be my preferred nights, but Tuesday would still be do-able if that was what the consensus preferred.

    Just my two-penneth.

  9. Yeh fine, any is gud for me its just that if its same day every 2 weeks I will miss the odd race. Also I will be involved with the F1 so its gud for me to avoid clashing with F1 dates.
  10. Daz, I agree with u totally, each to their own with regards using wot assists they want......but I thought this was to be a league not just casual racing, and as you put it, IMO, being in a league should produce the best/most successful driver in it winning, which I might ad I'm sure that's not me because unfortunately I'm not Sebastian Vettel, I'm just someone who trys to enjoy the game to its max without just steering with accelerator welded on. And FYI yes I do have a wheel plugged into my xbox but wots that got to do with using assists??? I enjoyed FM3 all year using controller with no assists n man/clutch. Just my two-penneth.
  11. Let's not start arguing here guys. If people want to use assists, fair enough but they must realize that they will rarely be fighting for wins if any. I think the main aim is to get the racing as close as possible and to try and encourage players to try something different to further their playing ability. Obviously it can be easier for some over others, but I'd seriously recommend using manual with clutch in a championship with stock cars.

    It's the same button combos that you taught me lol
  12. Dan - I'll need to check button combos - didn't see the same one from FM3!!!
  13. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Ok, so are we saying allowed them but put a note next to it like (Recommend you turn them off)
  14. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I would like to participate on this serie.

    Friday best day for me, I guess I can do on Tuesday aswell.
    I think people should be able to chose if they prefer assists or not. Depends of each driving style, ability and if is using a wheel or a joystick. I don't use any (unless auto-clutch) but I accept who want/need it.
    My wife works on a shift line and I am sure that for a few times I will not be able to race, as I have to pick her at night.
  15. Think people should be allowed to use what they want, the guys who use no assists are faster anyway..

    I would prefer a Friday personally..

    Have brought a car and sone a paint sheme, rubbish though but i was not blessed with artistic talents! am i right that it is three colours??
  16. I'm in. I like the format. Don't want to feed flames of an argument so I'll just simply vote for what I would prefer to see... Tuesday nights are best for me- I occasionally will need to work, but Friday and Saturday risk conflict with "quality family time". I race with no assists and would prefer to see assists not allowed, though I don't mind if people want to use the racing line, it's more TCS and ABS that I'd prefer to not see in league play.

    Regarding Clutch-No Clutch there is definitely a significant advantage with this particular car in using a clutch as the computer guy takes ages to get into the next gear. I race with an MS wheel and had a go at using the A button to engage clutch and was able to hamfistedly better my best times around Silverstone by 2 seconds, but can't persevere with it as it such an alien combination of buttons to press that any attempt at driving the track and race craft is impossible to do while doing that at the same time. I also am fond of, but cannot play the drums. I am happy, though, to concede that my inability to reprogram my brain from traditional car controls is my own shortcoming (until I can get a fanatec wheel/pedal/shifter set) if that's what the majority wants, I just wanted to include it as a talking point because there is a difference.

    Other than that I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on the track, Club races have been good fun so far! And big thanks to Gary for putting this all together.
  17. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

  18. What's the three colours thing?
  19. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    The colour of the car you will be using, I will ask for this, in the signup post, once I have the Calendar and day sorted.

    I am hoping to work out the Calendar and put the signup post this weekend.
  20. Ah, but the car doesn't need to be any specific three colours or anything right? Just declare what it'll be? Mine are Green and White as below... might be tweaked a little by the time we kick off but the foundation is definitely this. Are we going to have numbers as well? ;)