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Tracks Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.9

2010 Layout (Before Closure Of Circuit) Limousin, France

  1. jim lloyd submitted a new resource:

    Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) - 2010 Layout

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  2. This looks fantastic. Great work so far! Im gonna wait for the physical bump (noise) mesh since i have a hard time driving on tracks without it (feels very flat and dead). But this looks to be a super track and im so happy you mention making a physical mesh. Its very common that its missing from mod tracks. I bitch a bit about it, but its just because people rate tracks 5/5 without it and i just think that if you make a track and skip that last small step it seems so weird (i guess lots of people dont know how, but just ask in the AC forum and you get help). Its what make the driving on the track with FFB thrilling and realistic. :)

    Anyway, awesome work so far. Thank you!
  3. Thanks so much for the positive comments, im working hard to get my head round the physical mesh, i have done a couple of passes but too much so far. i need to tone it back, any advice from those that know would be a huge help. ill keep experimenting
  4. Indeed there is a bit of tweaking in the beginning, and i also know that some track meshes cant even use a physical mesh because the actual visible textured mesh isnt "properly done" (maybe too bumpy/low res/wrong design - not sure). I dont have the details im afraid, but some guys in the AC support forum knows. Two of them is "Lilski" and "Tiago Lima". There are more guys but im not sure who they are. Possibly "Rigel" as well. Smart guys with a lot of knowledge. :) You could make a thread in the track mod section and put the @ sign in front of their nicknames in the forum. This will send them a message to check your thread. You might get help Before they even reply from someone else with physical mesh knowledge.

    I wish you all the best. The track looks really fun and it looks great so far. Love to get quality content like this for AC. Keep up the great work mate. :)
  5. Here is a link to AC forum about a bunch of things regarding track making the proper way in AC as well as physical bump mesh. :) I Heard there is another thread as well physical bump mesh by Rigel. Gonna try and find the link.

    Maybe there are some good tips for you in this thread (lots of good stuff): http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...er-technique-in-track-making-plus-tips.27180/

    EDIT: Check this post (physical bump mesh) :) :http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...-in-track-making-plus-tips.27180/#post-576243

    EDIT2: Photoreal tarmac texturing: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...ack-making-plus-tips.27180/page-2#post-596213

    EDIT3: Best way to make trees: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...ack-making-plus-tips.27180/page-2#post-610794

    Hope it helps. Sorry if you had all the knowledge already. Check the whole thread if you havent. It covers most things about track making in AC.
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  6. thanks so much for this, I'm reading my way through these threads now
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  7. Really happy to see that track on AC!!! One of my favorite track where I could ride my bike!!!
  8. this is cool, funny cause you can still the tree line from the google data, but i have watched videos from 2011 and the barrier has been pushed back and the treeS removed

    anyway how did you get this picture, I'm looking at making the cameras proper, go on HELP A IDIOT OUT!!!!:whistling:
  9. You can press F5 while on track and then move the camera where you want, but first you have to "free" the camera in an INI file.

    Here: "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg"

    File: "camera_onboard_free.ini"

    Open it with texteditor and change: "SPHERICAL_COORDS=1" to "SPHERICAL_COORDS=0"

    Yes, it should be zero (0). Now when you press F5 on track you can use WASD (move), ZC (down/up), FG (rotate). + & - on numeric pad will Control FOV. But hold CTRL when using them or there is a chance you change FFB force in the car.

    About adding track cameras. Yeah, that one is a bit trickier. In the AC forum there are a bunch of guys who know how to do it.

    Also, yay you added physical mesh! :) Ima try it now. Thank you. Im gonna test it. Good to test with street and formula to see if its too bumpy for one or too Little sensation on the other. Often it can be good for street cars but too bumpy for formula. I shall check and give feedback.
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  10. Tested physical mesh.

    It feels pretty darn good for your first time! Had a blast doing some laps on it. Formula felt good and i could feel the surface in a soft BMW as well. Could possibly be tweaked a little more depending on feedback from others, but it felt really good for a first go.

    This corner though!!! :D Had to turn on the track map lol. Was like flying off from the roof of a building, weeeeee.


    BTW maybe that comes later but i just checked for fun lowering and raising the track detail in Graphics options and i saw no difference. For example all that grass on the hills/ground is there no matter what setting. Maybe they are so light it doesnt matter. Just though i mention it.
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  11. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla
    Premium Member

    Looks like a great track for the historical cars. How bad is the AI really? ;)
  12. ermm honestly as fast and as clean as me, which is not very:laugh:, ill be breaking the existing AI line this evening with a new pass at the physics mesh, you could have a go a recording a fast line if you fancy. just head to AC config ini and enable developer apps, its pretty straight forward to do
  13. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla
    Premium Member

    My driving skills are such that I have to run 90% opponents or less on default tracks.... I don't think my lines are any good indication of how the course needs to be driven.

    Or is the line really just about the line and I could drive it like a snail too?
  14. afaik you don't need to be fast, just drive on the ideal line and you should be good.On the official forum you can find some guidelines to record ai fast lane and pit lane, but also the newest ai hints file. ;)
  15. being clean is the trick really, though as you can imagine you can take a clean tight line at slow speeds and this wont transfer to fast AI. have a go its quite a fun challenge to while away some time. maybe take not of the fastest AI lap with a certain car and try to beat it while being super clean, good luck
  16. By comparing AC tracks bump mesh to your first version of it i would Think AC tracks have a Little more smooth bumps. Yours are a bit more "Sharp". Good, but could maybe be tweaked into being smoother. Not much though. Perhaps even a Little (Little!) bigger bumps, but smoother (Little smoother!). ;) We are talking subtle Changes hehe.
  17. I moved the sun a bit to match that picture by changing
    and setting the time to 15:00.

    Then increased all the shadow splits to get far shadows

    And after starting a practice session I pressed F3 to enable the track camera, switched to F7 for manual camera and tried to match the position and FOV.

    I don't know how to setup cameras, just the manual way.
  18. jim lloyd updated Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) with a new update entry:

    Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.5.1 Physics Mesh Update & New Camera's (Courtesy of norbs)

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