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Chevrolet Silverado setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by Jakeracer81, May 27, 2011.

  1. Post your Chevrolet Silverado setups here!

    Charlotte by Jakeracer81

    Anybody got a good set up for trucks at charlotte??? Will be appriciated!
  2. Here is one that I picked up last season.

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  4. or you could try this one

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  5. I was going to post my setup, but looks like I've beaten to it... :)
  6. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    24 @ pocono? 54,5 maybe? :)
  7. yeah I had a backwards moment there... hahahaha it's suppose to be 54.5 I actually ran a 53.8 with it last night in a practice.
  8. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    that's not bad gonna, give it a go when I get back home. tnx for sharing
  9. My truck setup for homestead.

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  10. I hope you mean a 31.2
  11. i do and i just got a 31.0 :mad:)

    Had a couple of seconds today and some top 5s,I was gonna win one but the muppet behind me on the restart killed all chances with 4 to go
  12. Jeepers. No love for colonial racing in the Setup section. Reckon I'll give back and get some content in here for us circle trackers.

    This is my own creation. I consider "tight" to be the utmost of oval racing blasphemy, so be prepared if you load my sets. I loves da looseness.

    I got most of the T1 splitter-smashing tuned out, but it still hits if you run the yellow line, or between the low/middle groove, or if you get hard on the binders. I let off and lightly scrub the brakes into T1 after spending a second with the RPM red light on, maybe a one count after the rubber build-up starts. Hard on as you hit the last bump with a slight lift on corner exit once the tires get old (gets loose). Nice and easy into T3 with a touch of the brakes, and stomp on it once the fronts gain purchase and the truck sets. Again, a slight feather on corner exit as the looseness comes in. As far as looseness goes, this is one of my more tame setups.

    The fast times are in the 24.100's, I pulled a PB of 24.540 in this race ready set with a steady-on, conservative race pace of 25.100.

    View attachment IowaCA2.sto
  13. Thanks for sharing Carl
  14. No problem, Joe. Happy to contribute. Came across another set. A little more stable in the bumps and on corner exit, managed a 21.46 with it. Won a second split race by a country mile.

    View attachment IowaRace24.4.sto
  15. This race ran this season already, but it's a 2.0 set. Still good for hosted, and of course, next year.

    I don't recall the time but I remember it being about 1.2sec off the top. There was rumor of "the NHMS time cheat", so no telling if the high time was legit. In any case, this is a second split winning set.

    View attachment NHMS_R.sto
  16. A fresh set, barely used. No race report with this one as I haven't run it official yet.

    I will say that I was pulling consistent 51.7's running race tape, the race line, and with no drafting help in practice. In other words, you could shave an easy .4 off by running quali tape and the quali line, and who knows how much by running in the pack. This will ballpark you for a win, just set the steering ratio to your liking. (no luck on getting a lift kit to see over the truck in front of you :frown:)

    View attachment Dega51.4.sto
  17. Thanks! I just drove a 51.452 in qualifying with your set. With Q tape on.
  18. thnx carl ran a 51.402 q tape definetly a .3XX possible