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Chevrolet Impala setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by Onno Naber, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Post your Chevrolet Impala setups here!

    Daytona by Onna Naber

    COD Daytona set-up,really nice set got it from a German website,stable,wont over cook in a pack,and really fast (46.956) in draft.

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  2. Thanks Onno, I've been using the advance iracing setup in practice.
  3. if this is the one that William gave me and talked about in game I ran a 47.123 after looking at my stats with it... Very very nice setup if I might say...!
  4. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Tnx Onno! Much apriciated!

    I messed up mine which did 46,906 as fastest draft lap, i wonder why i keep doing that lol
  5. set up for daytona mid 47-46.99

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  6. Thanks Willie.
  7. how do you open sto files on windows 7?
  8. Not sure why you need to open the .sto file. Just put it in the cars folder and you can edit it in the game.
    doucments/iracing/setups/specific car
  9. ok i got you....
  10. daytona 500 set

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  11. :) Thanks Willie
  12. would a daytona setup work on talladega? seem like similar tracks