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Featured Check Out The Lewis Hamilton GT Sport Introduction Movie

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    GT Sport Hamilton Introduction.jpg
    GT Sport is now out on PlayStation 4 and they have a very special 'Maestro' driver... Introducing the Lewis Hamilton Introduction Movie..

    GT Sport has received mixed reviews from fans since its release back on Wednesday, dividing opinion thanks to the rather dramatic move away from the traditional Gran Turismo career grind theme.

    As well as the heavy focus toward online racing competition, GT Sport also has a considerable focus on the artistic element of road and race cars, with two photo modes and plenty of cinematic videos and potted histories for many of the cars featured in the new game.

    Now thanks to the close collaboration between both the FIA and many of the manufacturers featured in the game, Polyphony Digital have enlisted the support of none other that three time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton to lend his name as an official GT Sport 'Maestro' and player mentor.

    As part of the collaboration, Hamilton would spend time with the game as he talks with Polyphony founder and Gran Turismo head man Kazunori Yamauchi, seen below in this new extended video released by Polyphony at a recent launch event in Modena, Italy:

    GT Sport is available for Sony PlayStation 4 right now.

    Check out the GT Sport sub forum here at RaceDepartment to join in with your fellow GT Sport fans in discussing this exciting new console racing title.

    Enjoy the video? Do you think using "big name" drivers like Hamilton add an extra dimension to the title, or are just a distraction from the main experience? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Newproto


    Why did not they invite me?
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  3. Nico_Sause


    Why not zoidberg?
  4. Alex72


    Is this a joke? Look at his hands during cornering - or anywhere: no FFB forces jerking his arms... Now go look at real GT3 videos and be amazed over how much the steering wheel, and consequently the drivers arms, are shaking due to the steering wheel picking up on all the uneven parts of the tarmac + the forces they fight wrestling the cars around the tracks. In rF2, AMS or AC for example your arms will shake and you have to hold on.

    Possibly they lowered the FFB for Hamilton, but for a potential customer as myself i watch a video that is supposed to sell copies, and when i dont see any FFB forces coming through the wheel i get turned off.

    Yeah yeah i know this isnt aimed at me and my ilk, but still. :D I would think most people who want to feel like a race car driver and have a FFB wheel would care from such a mistake in a video about racing.
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  5. Knoxstar


    There was very little in the way of comments about the game from Lewis. Maybe 2 sentences and that they've come along way. Well I would hope so but then so has every sim out there.
    Great marketing ploy but I'll trust the folks like GamerMuscle and Inside Sim Racing before I'll take the word of someone paid to make an appearance.
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  6. wombat999


    Hamilton and PlayStation, perfect.
    Just like 'real life'.
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  7. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    nice, first time i've seen mr. hamilton come across as a nice, ordinary chap, the kind of person you'd be happy to share a beer with. The Asian chap nodding and smiling, though, is a bit ridiculous, I feel.
  8. formidable


    GT Sport is a shitty Game: no single player Mode, requires online 24/7, no tuning Mode, only few Cars...
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  9. delpinsky


    With all the money from SONY Polyphony Digital have, they could create a great simulation, without disappointing any casual gamer fan of the Series.

    I don't see why developers are so scared about replicating real life car and tyre physics in a game, considering driving aids can litterally help any casual gamer to drive they way the like the most, without compromising the fun.

    Let's imagine an Assetto Corsa or rFactor with the lighting engine used in GT Sport....

    If GT Sport had the physics of a sim and some decent single player competition, I would even buy a PS4 Pro as we speak, just to play it.
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  10. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    I am the new Colin Mcrae I am Premium

    Nice video. It's such a shame that the head of Studio Kazunori Yamauchi is a mute. Well I think he is because all he does his nod.:whistling:
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  11. Durge Driven

    Durge Driven

    I thought it was Mr. Miyagi :coffee:

    " Yes Grasshopper that's right ...... wax on wax off "
  12. Tim Lundy

    Tim Lundy

    They all look the same right?:cautious:
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