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Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Emoticon, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I've recently started racing again in F1 2012 after a leave of 3 months. I wouldn't say I'm the best driver out there, but I can hold my own against most of the front row people in random online races.

    The past few races though, I've noticed racers (3 so far) with lap times faster than what I thought possible (and for what I think to be possible I reference to the videos posted by some of the best drivers on this forum). Not only are they faster, they're faster with some very bad driving. They're literally all over the place, missing apexes, sliding, locking up etc. Still they manage to beat my laptimes by a second or so. They also seem to be able to take corners way tighter than I thought possible at the usual speeds.

    First I thought they might be lagging because they were moving all over the place, but that wouldn't explain the laptimes. I also heard people using PS3/Xbox controllers are considerably faster than wheel users (I've got a logitech G27). Don't know if that's true though, I don't own a controller.

    So should I give those wackos the benefit of doubt or is there some kind of grip hack out there?
  2. Have you got any examples of lap times? I can let you know if they are too fast.

    Also no, pads are not faster than wheels however some people are faster with pad than a wheel and a pad can give you perfect grip but then so can a wheel if you know how to use it correctly and a wheel will always be more accurate.
  3. Last time I had my suspicions about someone was at a Brasil 25% race, where a guy did a fastest lap of 1.08.500(ish) on prime tyres during the race (dry conditions), about halfway in the race.

    I'll write down the times and names next time.
  4. Well if that is weird, my lap time in Q with prime tyres is 1,09,6 and in race with the option tyres at the end (25%), 1'11'6 more or less. 1,08 in race with prime... very weird:O_o:
  5. Yeah that is way to fast for race pace. That's more like a qualifying time and even then that's fast for prime tyres. I would report the next time you see them.
  6. Another one:

    1.20.466 on Monza 25%, again on primes on race day.

    I'm a bit reluctant to post driver names here, I could always be mistaken.
  7. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

  8. 1:20.466 How on the Earth they can do post that time
    Probably with Very Hard Push with DRS all the way you can get it in Qualification but on race :confused:
    On which lap they posted this lap time??
  9. Well actually I have seen a 1.20.9 on the last lap at Monza so it is possible and I believe they were on primes. You can do 1.18s in qualifying so I would personally ignore that one.

    Also they were likely taking advantage of cutting Ascari too.
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  10. Where I have seen these times is in a races of 5 laps. Truth does not know if it's cheats, or people knows some kind of bugs. I have located some of these people, very fast and popular in Racenet...
  11. 95% certain they are cheating. I've seen it many times, there is a known exploit for the game which makes the cars behave exactly as you describe.

    I know at least 7 players using it
  12. Would be nice to share who are they so we can avoid playing with them
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  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Codemasters could avoid online cheating easily with a server and a file check system like in literally every other sim racing game.

    Thats why I again for the third year in a row tried to bring it to their attention here that we need server support but I am sure talking to a wall gives you more fruitful results.

    Exactly the reason why I dont race this game online anymore with all those mods available.
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  14. Surely the BIGGEST oversight & easiest to fix would be to automatically ghost all cars 1 lap down. This would completely stop the rammers who wait for you to come round again after you have overtaken them & ram you off the road into the next corner.
  15. It wouldn't stop people using mods though mate. (i.e. ultimate grip mod, realistic handling mod) etc etc
    Thing is all the files to the game are kept on the users PC... so modding the files is easy.

    With a dedicated server, the files are kept on the server and the user accesses the files on the server, which in turn means you cannot modify the files as you wouldn't have those sorts of permissions :)

    And a file check system also checks for modified files etc
  16. Yeah dedicated servers would solve so many issues for online leagues, hopefully what Mr Steve means by doing something for league racers in the next game is dedicated servers.
  17. No, but it would stop the issue I pointed out, chum.
  18. Wow, Bram, you were always such a defender of the Codies F1 games, what happened?
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  19. there are no online cheats about, u guys just cant stand ur loss...., try using grip mods or any other mods that change db and u will see that ur booted right out of the game ...those mods only work Offline, like trainer hacks...same thing
  20. LOL

    Try explaining the 5 or 6 second lap time differences then when most very fast players are within 2 or 3 tenths of each other?