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Changing Teams

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I have nearly finished my first season and am just wondering is it worth my while changing my team.
    I am currently driving with lotus and am doing pretty good but are the cars for the other teams any better.
    I am receiving interest from BMW-Sauber my question is are the other teams cars better than mine and is it worth my while jumping ship after the season.
    One reason i want to change is because my team mate Trulli never finishes in points not once and if he did we would be in the running for the C.C.C but because of his lack of top 10 finishes we are not.
    So any help and advice on the subject would be nice thanks :)
  2. for winninh the ccc you really must change the team.
    the other (older) teams definately are faster than lotus, but harder to drive as well. reading your post, i think you play with easy/med KI. Try Force India if possible. in my opinion not too hard to drive, much more top speed and you have a teammate that might help getting points.

    but if you like, you can also "sabotage" the winning constructors teams. Just ruin their races as often as possible without getting too many penalties for it :)
  3. Yeah im playin on med at the moment.
    Force India seems like a good car i tried it in the TT also tried BMW was pretty good but i did like the force india car better.
    I would play it on a harder AI but im not a very strong driver yet only have the game a while.
    I have had handful of podiums couple of 5th place and 6th place finishes and 3 1st place finishes on tracks i am strongest on but i want to change team before changing AI difficulty.
    I also have sabotaged some of the teams in contention for the ccc but on tracks i finish in 5th they are usually first and hard to catch up with once they put any space between me and them.
    Thanks for the info though i will keep it in mind