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Changing brakes or wing settings during play?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rambo McQueen, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. How do you change brake settings or wing settings during play? During a pit stop? The engineer tells you to do it while you are driving, but I have no clue how to do it, please help!
    Rambo McQueen
  2. I think 2011 rules forbid wing angle change during race.
    About brake bias, i have yet to find a way to do it whilst driving.
  3. you cant change the wings this season or brake bias you have to change the brakes while you are changing the cars setup.
  4. Are you sure the engineer has told you to change wing settings in 2011? That would be strange...
  5. You sure you bought 2011 and not 2010...LOL!:cool:
  6. DRS = Wing change
    He might be reminding you to use DRS?
  7. well i haven't had a race yet still in practice but maybe he is reffereing to DRS could be a bug if hes telling you to change the wing, either that or maybe you bought 2010
  8. There should be an option to call wing adjustment while in pits - real team is adjusting front wing, I can remember Webber in British GP this year when he said on radio: "I think we should increase front wing a bit". I don't know if they included this to game. During driving this year we can't do this, that's right.

    From Steve's Hood informations, Brake Bias will be in patch later.
  9. But in return, we get full reign to change setup between qualifying and the race, whereas the actual cars are limited in what they can do, even after a change of climatic conditions. At least it wasn't in 2010, and while I've heard plenty about Parc Ferme in relation to cut-scenes, I've not seen any mention of the rule.
  10. I hope we are not able to adapt settings between Q and R sessions without getting a grid penalty. Can someone confirm/deny if it's in the game?
  11. I don't know about the game, but the official FIA regulations are not that strict. While the cars are in parc ferme some adjustments can be done on the wings, tyre pressure, bleeding of brake fluid, etc. In the case of change of climatic conditions (wet to dry or viceversa) further changes can be made.

    IMHO, I doubt many people (players) could exploit any advantage from being able to fiddle with the settings between Q and R, implementing the regulations seems like an awful lot of complication, especially since the setup is so simplified.
  12. I second glacierre´s opinion...
  13. IRL this season the gear ratios have been a major tactical decision for the teams. Full use of DRS and a light fuel load during qualifying compared to limited DRS and heavier fuel loads in the race means that, because gear ratios can't be changed in parc ferme, the teams have to choose between a qualifying setup, race setup or a mix that doesn't quite get the best out of the car in both situations. We've seen countless cars hitting the rev limiter on long straights in quali or when using DRS in the race (hence Hamilton struggled to get past Schumacher at Monza)

    If the game ignores parc ferme rules and we can change gear ratios between quali and the race, it takes away an important strategic decision that I would enjoy having to make.
  14. Although I keep thinking that the effect of such thing in the game would be anything but negligible (I can think a dozen things that improve the realism better, for starters the non-overtaking AI), you can always parc ferme yourself even if the game doesn't force you to.
  15. Absolutely - rear wing level is also fixed, so any adjustments to the front downforce have to be made with overall balance in mind. It's not a deal-breaker by any means, but it'd be nice when starting a season to choose whether we want this implemented or not.
  16. Wing changes are forbidden in 2011, except the DRS. No more changing it on the fly like you could in 2010. FIA rules, not a game flaw.
  17. i was playing a co op multiplayer season with a friend yesterday , and you couldnt change the setup between q and race , not sure if it always like this tho
  18. You can change your front wing this season. But only by hand when you pit, which is why you often see pit crew adjust it with a long metal rod when they are changing the tires.