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Changes in file format from Race07 to GTR Evo

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Krister Larsson, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Just noticed a lot of errors was logged from the Custom Skins used for the RD WTCC League and traced it down to the format of in game flags used. It seems like they now should be in 32 bit TGA format while they previously could be in 24 bit TGA format.
  2. I thought they were always 32 bit ... at least Simbin's readme for the custom skins says so :confused:
  3. If your using the flag pack released some time ago over at RSC, which contained the mouse_over and Mouse_Roll and the HUD flags you need to reopen them in PS and resave as TGA 32bit.

    These images then work.
  4. Yes, I know but it's not just my flags but rather most of the flags used in the RD WTCC skin pack.
  5. Yes the RDD WTTC pack still contains flags from the old system, Since 1.4 the flags never worked. The only way round this is to open the TGA's in PS and resave them as 32bit TGA's again.
  6. ... go on then Jarrod, since you are offering to do it, I am sure we would all appreciate a .rar of the new RD Skinpack with all the flags fixed (as the photoshop guru round here, I am sure you could find a quick way of batch automating this process) :p :wink: :evil::pound::pound::pound:
  7. I never offered anything of the like ...
  8. LOL, was only joking Jarrod, you can relax again :wink: