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Change the Release Date

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Gav Elias, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Now I know this is unlikely because they fit it into their timetables for development etc, but I would seriously look at this. It makes no sense to release Sept/October when that season is almost over. Then, when fans get an injection of enthusiasm again in March, driving with the previous season' s cars, rules, dynamics and drivers can be a simple things that puts a lot of people off.

    Similar to the FIFA football series, the F1 games should have a sensible release date to tie in with the season. The football seasons begins in August and the FIFA game is always, and has always been, released in Sept/very early Oct. The F1 game should do the same in my opinion. The season starts mid-March so I would look to release by last week of April.

    This simple change in delaying release by 6 months would mean they would eventually have to skip a season, but that would be more than worth it to get it out into market in early season when fans will be enthused, want to play it and be excited about using the current cars, teams, drivers and rules.

    It baffles me why they release near the end of the season with drivers, teams, rules and dynamics all becoming outdated within a few short weeks. The only logical answer I have come up with as to why they do this is to give themselves months to learn the dynamics of the cars, but that can't be true as it is more SimCade than a genuine dynamics-reliant sim.
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  3. I think they sould release the game after the current Season, like F1 World Grand Prix for N64.
    Than you get in the game Scenarios from the 2014 Season. (like: win the Canadian Grand Prix with Ricciardo, while in the Race the Mercedes get problems.)

    But what I want it, that they don't give us a unready game. They should take the time they need.
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  4. The earlier they release it, the harder it is to predict how the cars handle, tyre wear, which teams are fastest.
    It would be impossible to release a game to a season that hasn't even begun really. It's first around Canada we know exactly how the cars handle and how the tyre wear is this year.
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  5. In career mode of F1 2012, I was always battling Mercedes for the championship. Red Bull were always in the low points positions. Considering Vettel's domination in 2011, I thought it was a bit unrealistic.
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  6. proper support would rectify these problems.
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  7. stadlereric


    The fact that there are only 15 topics in the F1 2014 sub-forum tells me everything i need to know. Its going to be a big flop. I hope they get their stuff together because i really enjoyed 2010 and 2011, before they all became the same game with a different year in the title.
  8. That's last decades logic, nowadays games are released before the season and if driver or team isn't performing like the expectations, Vettel/Ricciardo, Williams, Lotus and Sauber the stats can be updated to reflect that.

    Every sports franchise in existence does that now (for a few years at least), Codemasters has no excuse not to do it.
  9. airutonpurosuto8912


    F1 2014 will be released first in Japan on 2nd October...Weird :cautious:
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  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Bear in mind that Codemasters do plan to release earlier in the season for F1 2015, though they don't say when yet. Quote from their blog :-

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