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Chancing tyre strategy during race ?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ChamptecRacing, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Just wondering, are we able to chance the pitstop/tyre strategy during a race? For example, it starts raining unexpectedly, and you got some slick tyres planned to be put on your car ... then you go in and hope that your pitcrew knows it's raining and put some rain tyres on .... but the won't, and just put on the planned tyres.

    So is there an option to chance tyre strategies or pit-in laps ? If so, how ?
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    Use the D-pad on your controller/wheel or whatever corresponding buttons on keyboard, depending on what device you're using.

    When you press the d-pad in any direction a menu appears in the left side, press in the direction of the "tyres" then chose which tyre compound you want fitted to your car at your next stop.
  3. Tophercheese answered your first question very well. For the second one : just don't pit. If you have planned a pit-stop in lap 6, for example, you could enter to the pits in lap 8 too, and the mechanics will put the requested tires on your car.
  4. Thanks for the response. I've got the pc version of f1 2012.
    What i actually ment was : is it possible to change your tyre strategy in the middle of a race, so after you planned a tyre/pitstop strategy before the race and yo've started the race already. For example, you plan to do a tyrestop in lap 6 from option to prime, but suddenly it starts raining in lap 4 and you want to go straight to the pits for wets or intermediates.
    Until now, when this happens, i don't know how to change the tyrestrategy during a race. When i come in while it rains, the crew just put on the on forehand planned dry weather tyres, or a random dry weather tyre in case that i already did a stop that was planned brfore the race... how can i change it during a race, in the pc version of the game, and with what key or keys on the keyboard (im using a keyboard to drive) ???
  5. I'm using a keyboard too. I press the buttons on the numpad to select the tires : I press 8 for fuel mix, 6 for selecting the tires that I want to change and 2 for changing the break bias. Try using the numpad buttons.
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    You can select the next tyres you want at any time during the race. Usually after you have selected them from the Quick Menu, the Engineer will say 'OK' to confirm that you choice of tyres has been received by the pit crew.

    On the keyboard the default settings for the menu are shown in the picture below, but you can remap them to any keys you want.

    It usually takes 3 key presses to activate something on the menu. I can't remember the settings from memory. But if if Intermediate tyres are the ones you want, you have to bring up the tyre menu. On a DPAD this might be Right, Right, Up. So on the keyboard you use the equivalent, looking at the picture Right, Right, Up = 2, 2, 1

    That was just an example, you will have to figure out what combination of keys you need to know yourself. Rich fuel might be Up, Up, Up = 1, 1, 1

    Setup a Quali session, go out on track, pull over to the side, and write down what those 4 key do, because the Quick Menu will pop up on the left of your screen when you use those Quick Menu keys.

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