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Cars Caterham Academy 1.0

The most wanted experience in Assetto Corsa!

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  1. fun little car, i had no idea this was coming. nice surprise.

    but i do hope someone makes some skins for it, that one makes me cringe. ;)
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Awesome little car! Great work!
  3. I have been waiting for a Caterham 7 ever since I drove in Assetto Corsa. Thank you for making a fun little 7.

    Are there any plans on creating mod cars of the Caterham road cars currently on sale?
  4. Headlights are way too small in cockpit view.
  5. I'll give it 5 stars if you wrap TOYO R888 tires to those rims!
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  6. Where should I paste folder from this mod what is named "SKIN TEMPLATE" ?
  7. Fun! There was a 320-hp Caterham in GTR Evolution, and I really liked that one - you could slide at will.
  8. Damn, that car is fun to drive! :thumbsup: Though sometimes I have a feeling it has an unusually high level of grip.
    Anyway - any chance for a Superlight somewhere in the future? A 620R perhaps? ;)
  9. where is the data.acd file for this car so i can host it on the server or am i missing something ?
  10. There isn't any, instead there is a 'data' folder.
  11. hi there do you release the R500 just found it on facebook
  12. Hi,
    I believe this car to be causing my game to hang at "populating favourites" screen of AC launcher.
    1) extracted to cars folder
    2)launched and ran game fine
    3)hangs at populating favourites
    4)delete caterham academy
    5)verify game cache and redownload over 13000 files
    6)Launch AC to AC launcher successfully
    7)extract to cars folder
    8)game hangs at populating favourites

    Attached are my logs



    Update 18.33 26/07/15

    I believe I have resolved the issue, and tracked it down to improper extraction of the files, folder "SKIN TEMPLATE" & Readme.txt was extracted to cars directory,since moving to caterham academy folder, the issue appears resolved.

    Thanks for a fun car.


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    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
  13. Could you please explain how to install this mod ?
    Where do I have to extract the caterham_academy and SKIN TEMPLATES folders ?
  14. Extract it at the *game folder*\Assetto Corsa\content\cars.
    Do no mesh with the templates, if you want to install any skins just copy the skin you want to this folder: Assetto Corsa\content\cars\caterham_academy\skins.
  15. Ok thank you very much for your help.
  16. Anytime
  17. That caught me on my first car download, The templates are only there for you to create your own skin should you want too.
  18. Ok thanks. A short readme file in the archive would be useful for beginners.
  19. wounder what the steering lock is in this baby??? :D
    900 or 1080?? or some else?