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Caterham 620r telepathic steering

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paulo Gomes, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. I just got stuck with this feeling, that the steering in the caterhams is not perfect compared to real life, because in the game with the default setup they dont´t have that telepathic steering, and is not that easy to powerslide out of corners with the 620r.

    I have been searching and reading about this, and how to translate real values to the gmotor. I found this interesting post from Neils in other forum talking about "how important is steering ratios in simulation " . After reading that, the Caterham uses 885,6º steering angle for the 270 version with narrow front tracks, and 630º for the 360r and 620r with wider front tracks, but I could not find a fully correct information about the steering ratio, the only information is from isiforum.net , that mentions the caterham r600 having 10.4:1 of steering ratio , the r600 is the racing version and father of the 620r. That means that in game should be 630º with 30 steering lock in the case of the 620r and 360r, while for the 270 should be 880º and 30 lock, since caterhams says both racks provide the same turning angle, and that means a steering ratio of 14.6:1 for the 270 model.

    So with a bit more searching I found that for racing, caterhams do use in the range of -1/1,5 toe out in the front, but since this type of setup is for fast cornering, the car becomes more nervous and is harder to powerslide out of corners, at least for me... So for the road versions, what only includes the 620r in the game, it needs to be more friendly to drive in the streets, and I can assume they do like to drift in a smooth way from watching onboard videos, so they use less toe out, and from different threads like this one, and from caterham assembly guide, seems that -0,5 front toe out, and 0 or 0.10 in the rear is about the normal road/track setting.

    I would like that someone tried this example setup for the 620r and give feedback, donwload here. This is based in a "real life setup" with 30 steering lock, I may say that now, I feel that telepathic steering which is a characteristic of the caterhams, and I'm able to drift in a better smoth way because I have more lock angle in the front wheels. And I share the opinion that usualy AMS works very well with real numbers!

    Here you have a onboard that shows how little steering imputs are needed to go around Oulton Park in caterham road version with a quick rack :

    Sorry for the long post, only trying to improve the fun :) cheers
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  2. How the hell do I edit the title of the thread ?? tekephatic :rolleyes:
  3. Chris

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    I got you fam :)
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  4. fortyfivekev


    Good research there. Maybe wrong but I always have the feeling that Reiza are trying to make the cars in AMS controllable and fun as well as being reasonably realistic in their handling. I think Niels has talked about this in the past.

    Probably doesn't apply so much to the Caterhams which are fun cars anyway but for instance the F1 cars in AMS are not spinning like a top if you get 10 degrees out of line as you might see IRL.

    I always increase the lock and decrease the rotation in AMS but I think that is just because I spent too much time with F1 games in the past and don't turn the wheel enough otherwise.
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  5. wow. that's interesting as i found 630 deg with default steeringlock (24? not sure) to give me the most connected feeling to the front end of the 620r. also , this might be placebo but i think the 630 deg setting gives slightly better ffb for my G27. could be limitation of the wheel tough, as G27 suffers fidelity in ffb with high wheel degree settings. but i drive it now with 630 and im lovin it :)