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Released Carvalho de Rei

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zaxxon, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Thanks! :) :) You guys (Zaxxon and Sisco) are impressionists! Amazing work, very challenging stage! I'm happy that I can drive the stage with Colin's Subaru Impreza 555 '98 :)
  2. Nice track, good atmosphere...
    ...but I found that stenogram is in wrong place. You place it about 50-100 meters before turns, it's wrong way for this. You must place it on turns, not before. If you want that stenogram call 3-10 sec. before turns, you must did that in RBR stenogram properties, not in track...
  3. I suppose you talk about the pacenotes.
    You are right: I put them where I think they must be called, not right in the curve, but for sure I am not "the master" placing them.

    I am not sure of that. You can't call a 90 degree turn at the end of a long straight segment as late or as soon as you call a medium turn that follows a slow segment. That is nonsense to me. But of course I may be wrong.

  4. Great looking stage :good:

    How does one include stages in rallyesims BTB packs, and do you plan on doing so? People in the rally club here would probably prefer just a big .exe file with a bunch of stages instead of manually installing every track.
  5. When Rallyesim staff decide a stage could be interesting for their competitions they ask the author for permission to use it.
    I can't say what their plans are.
  6. Great stage Zaxxon! i enjoyed it alot and the ditches were really nice, just the way i like them... Quality was nice over the whole stage i guess you could add some more spectators and other details along the stages but overall great stage :) i had lots of fun on it
  7. I agree with you: more spectators, more objects in general, more variations in the vegetation, changes in the road texture, a few bumps, etc. would improve the track.
  8. To avoid this behavior, first must "call" distance. Or, if we have a long swing, You can use a combination of a double pancetone (as well as here: left4 and left3 or something like that... what need in current situation)
    And found some bugs :)
    See in pictures: 1 - strange pissing fan group :D, 2,3 - missing mountain cap

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  9. Great as allways, thanks one more time for share your work and your knowledge. I am encouraged by your attitude
  10. 1) Rally fans have the same needs as ordinary people...
    2) Ok. I take note of this. Thanks
  11. New Rallysim BTB pack is released when we got 6 good stages to integrate and of course all permissions from autors. Zaxxon's stages are going to be released very soon ;-) and I'm sure ther will be a lot of new BTB stages in the future...
  12. Placing nice pacenotes takes some time, but it will benefit will greater fun for drivers :)
    I personally like when co-pilot talks much, so I use "distance" calls a lot.
    Usually the pacenotes' signs should be placed on turns, but when expecting high speed I rather put them earlier.
    The nice trick is to use "into" - place two signs close to each other - or "and" - a little more distance between them (around 25-40 meters in btb) - hard to say exactly.
    This is also possible to use additional "words" (like "tightens" or "wideout") with distance calls - then co-pilot does not say the distance, but the command.
    The signs for turns "easy" and "fast" are almost the same in btb, so I have modified the files for them (.png's found in ../BTBfolder/Pacenotes/ ).
  13. Co-pilots used to say in the past: "Drive into the biggest crowd - there is the road" :D