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CART 1994/1995 for GSCE convert. Need some advice & help

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by gamer19, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Ok, I have done it.
    For now for myself only. Didn't yet ask for permition but I have planed to.
    And that's a must cause now I have some crazy idea of publishing it. :geek:
    But... guess like in all similar matters I run into a few ...troubles.
    But before I begin, the million dollar question - yes, the mod is a perfectlly driveable.
    That's may be the most interesting to you. I run many laps on Cleveland airport track, in practice and the race mod.
    But eh, enough with good news... let's talk about the problems now....
    I'll name them first, then I'll explain each in details.

    1 - Not being stand alone mod.
    2 - Not able to use all of the (alternate) skins and not be able to use them PROPERLY!
    3 - Only high downforce car models appear. Ok for short ovals but not so for speedways.
    4 - And, at last but not the least... physic. Cars behave not so great/realitic. But that's got nothing with this conversion but with the mod itself.
    1) First of all... not being stand alone. That's not major problem, many other mods are not stand alone - namely the one indycar IZOD mod that I have (I think it's 2012 or 2013) is only available if you go to "all cars" page. Also, one of the most popular mods around here FIA GT3 2010 mod is the same. Plus... that's the problem I can figure it out by myself. Hopefully. :)
    Skins then....
    Well, how do I put this.... Reiza is weird about this, don't know if you've notice this but... if there's many cars into one team then the last one, the one on the bottom, you just can't select !?? You can't click on them, simply put. Kinky stuff, yeah. It may seems irrelevant but, trust me, it isn't. You can see that car is there but is beyond your reach. OR is it just me? But doubt that.
    Also, it's not like in rFactor, you can't really choose AI cars to which skin/paint they willl use, so more likely than not, you'll end up with two, say, Mauricio Gugelmin. And none of the Robby Gordon. Asuming that you stick with realistic numbers of cars on track. And I personally don't think it's amusing - having two same drivers in different liveries and regular season driver being kick out, to respect numbers of ai slots. You?
    Yup, didn't think you do.
    I don't know is there any (reasonable) solution for this. I doubt. I saw that mod Formula Nippon (2010 I think), to name one, has the same problem. Cars are ok but all the extra skins (they are into every car new folder named "skins" just won't show up.
    In this mod (CART 94/95) they do, but like I said... they are considered as separate cars and you'll end up with really weird looking grid.
    The solution, for now at least, is - that you (or I, before publishing) delete some less important skins and, for each car, use only one. Problem would disappear. But stil.... it's a shame you know... :-/ since, they have done all these skins. This is from original read me "I would say that the 95 season is 99,9% completed. We have a total of 55 different drivers with about 180+ skin variations". Really... shame.
    Ok, that was long. :-P The next one...
    Only Road/street/short ovals cars model show up.
    There won't be much talking here. I don't know, for now at least, why this happends. And, I know, it's really not realistic to see road configured cars on ....Indy, say.
    On second thought, I realise now that I only "test" this problem in spinner/showroom, maybe, just maybe... the appropriate model will show up once you enter some speedway track. Ok, let's put this problem on hold... untill some more testing is done. Can't test it right now, sadly, I'm at work)
    Maybe it's not properly configured "Trackconfig.ini". Like I said... I'll investigate some more, sorry.
    Fourth problem ...well ...perhaps isn't the real problem after all. I know, you'll say - why then making it for youself, it's not like you don't have any other. :D Yes, I do but this one really bothers me. Physic for this mod is different compared to, imho, most of the other mods. Compared to recently published CART Extreme these cars are not so joyful to drive. Don't know, once again, is it just me but... car behaviour... as you exiting the curve, step on the throttle ...is not so amusing. And realistic I would add. Car start to go to some... slow spin... or whatever would be the right name for it. If you have played this mod mod for rFactor - then you'll know what I'm talking about.
    I have and it acts the very same in both games. Amazingly, I played this same mod converted for Race 07 game and... well... although cars are handful to drive that "slow spin" is not so notable.
    And yes, I did try all the options - TC off, on one notch, two, three, stability on, off, wheel help on, off, you name it ...I did. Car just won't feel.... alive. And like it have some hidden TC. :-S
    So, after such a big intro, my question would be - is there someone that knows what needs to be changed / tweaked to make cars behave more realistic/easier to drive/more CART Extreme like ? :-/
    I hope you read... at least most of it ;) and hope that there's some one who could help me to publish one of the better mods for this great game.

    shnala aka gamer19
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  2. hex


    Do you plan to further update this mod or is it a simply conversion? Because there already is one: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/gsc-2013-the-mod-request-thread.75025/page-9#post-1984085 that is a standalone which solves your #1 issue. :)

    As for #2 you can scroll through all the names/skins in the bottom window, and the very last one you need to search its click spot. It's weird, I know, but solvable. Also you might use other, much more user-friendly UI with, among the other features, upgrades window.

    #4: physics, AFAIK, are copy-paste of rFactor's CART Factor mod :)
    Copy-paste CART Extreme physics :p
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
  3. Jyri Kettunen

    Jyri Kettunen
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Downloaded the mod from xtremefactor and tested Penske-Mercedes combo at Brands Hatch. Once you have Realfeel dialed in (use steering upgrade 4, modify the values) I see no problem with the physics. Compared to CartExtreme steering is a bit more jerky (different suspension geometry, I'd think) but tyres are more forgiving, resulting in some nice, controllable slides. Make sure your tyres are warm before pushing to the limit.
  4. I don't really get it mate... why did you post me that link, where's that already finished cart 94/95 mod ?? Maybe I'm blind but I don't see him. Only thing I see is you ask Patrick will he do that mod to, after '98. And I see his answer that he won't cause "it's too close to '98 mod and it's better to have some other cars". The very same thing he said to me. Guess he want some rest. But I dissagree with him, since it's not that much of the job, rF 1 and GSC are almost the same game and ....what cars are more important to have then another great CART mod? :) If it was close as good as '98 is ...it would be worth any hours spend on it. That's my opinion at least.
    Btw... still waiting for approval from IDT team.
    edit: :( Just realise, from Jyri's post that there's already converted cart 94/95 mod.
    About that... secret spot. Don't know what to tell you... Thank you I guess.
    Now this game kinda reminds me of girls. The (right) spot is there. You (just) have to find it.
    G-Spot-Cars-Extreme. That's the real game name, obviously. :unsure:
    For #4 - Yeah, I had the very same ideas. I "just" need to find those files and lines that need to be changed.
    Oh I see now. :(
    I too DL it from xtremefactor. I wish I knew it before I started all of this. :D :cautious: :notworthy:
    At least... I'll check it out and modify some stuff for myself. Like onboard cameras, say. I've done them for CART Extreme and they included them into their official 1.1 version. Now I have some even more ideas.
    About physics... I definatelly will try different aproaches. And make sure my tyres are warm up of course. ;)
    Thank you for your time guys. Sorry.
  5. Sorry, what mod is this from xtremefactor?
  6. Dunno if we should post link here but Google it, I've found it.
    Now I'm in a process of absorbing this ....novelty. :rolleyes:
    Btw cart 94/95 is on the top, as he's the latest one.
  7. hex


    I didn't post the link to mod itself, because it's forbidden on this forum (probably) as it's an illegal stuff the way I see it, and asked Patrick not for converting it, but UPDATING - as he did with CART Extreme... I've posted screens so it was totally clear that the mod is already in GSCE. It must've been omitted somehow by you.

    No harm done.
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  8. Rather, what's the name of the mod?
  9. :alien:

    Mate... like hex said... we probably can't talk about that right here, they are not exactly legal mods. And you really ask about mod name? Well.... isn't it pretty much self-explainable, I mean... looking at this topic name.... :alien:

    And, for a record.... my intention was always to made a legal cart 94/95 mod.
    That's why I started this thread and that's why I asked for permition.

    But now... guess it doesn't matter.
  10. Well.... :unsure: I just got permission from Doug on behalf of IDT but, tbh, since my recent discoveries I really lost my enthusiasm. Why doing job that's already done. "Legal" or not. I'll just go with a flow I guess.
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  11. so, no a full conversion of this wonderful work???? :(
  12. Google it, it's there.

    Hint - type "game stock car cart 1994/1995" and it's fifth link in order. Good luck.
  13. i'm talking about serious conversion, like the CART Extreme Mod, with actual GSC standars.... no massive poor quality conversions....
  14. If anyone are interesed i can help with the work :)
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