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Cars flipping through the air

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Tony Holder, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. There I am play online....and I see cars flipping through the air???? WHAT???? :speechless:
  2. Could be lag or rubbish drivers. Often you'll see cars floating above the track if there are any connection issues.
  3. If it's one car flying, it may be their connection that's having issues. If it's lots of cars flying, it may be your connection that's having issues. What sort of bandwidth do you have on your line? You can check this at www.speedtest.net. if you have a normalish ADSL connection with around 6-10 Mbps download and 512K-1Mbps upload speeds your connection will suffer if there's anyone else using the internet at the same time as you. What you are seeing is what we all refer to as lag.
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  4. I have that BT infinity thingy...they says its better than the wheel.....or sliced bread.
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  5. Strange then. I've got Infinity and I can host races while the missus fannies about on the internet to her heart's content. Are you connected to your router by ethernet or by wireless? If your connected by wireless you might have a less than optimal signal. I try to connect by ethernet whenever possible.
  6. My box is hard wired at all times ;)
  7. So are you...
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