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Career wiped out, anyone can help?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by elvinaizer, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Career started at October with Mclaren 100 race distance, no helps, edited the ai opposition via editor to tweak the opposition on very single track between intermediate and pro.

    I was having a wonderful season and loading the game to race at singapore last night happened the infamous corrupt save bug that wiped out my profile.

    Of course I was aware of the iusse and kept progressive backups of my 208500\remote folder where profile savegames are kept (and the database). After the error i restored the last working remote folder in the usual position but when i launch the game the game doesen’t see the profiles and ask for the creation of a new autosave.

    Anyone know why this is happening? There are other files to be backupped to be sure to restore the career at a certain point.

    I’m beyond myself from the anger, any help is more than welcome.

  2. If you have Steam Cloud Enabled then Disable it and Load your Back up save file.
    Hope this helps
  3. already done, to no avail.

    What drives me mad is the fact that the entire 208500 folder is backupped, why the game doesn't see the profile...

    Thanks anyway.
  4. Have you tried making new profile with same name like old, then exiting game and replacing your backup files in remote folder? I saw that people talked about that few times, didn't do it myself. But if it helps it's good.:)
  5. No i didn't tried but could be a nice idea. WIll definitely try. Thanks a lot. :)
  6. Also found this on steam forums.

    • If you load the game, and it suddenly says "Save Game Corrupt", IMMEDIATELY ATL+F4 the game to close it, DO NOT click anything to make a new save etc...
    • Go to Steam, and right click on F1 2012>Properties>Updates, and disable Steam Cloud sync for F1 2012.
    • Go to Steam Settings, and Downloads+Cloud tab, and disable Steam Cloud Sync for ALL games.
    • Navigate to your Steam install directory, and find your F1 2012 save game saved on your local machine, usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\"your_steam_number"\208500\remote. You should see 15 files all starting with "savegame@profile"
    • Make a backup of ALL of these files REGULARLY to be safe for the future, but right now just copy the files ending in "gtehxosjz_0" and "gtehxosjz_1" to your desktop.
    • Now, delete those 2 files from your F1 2012 save game folder, keeping the copies on your desktop.
    • Now, copy ONLY the file ending in "gtehxosjz_1" from your desktop BACK to your F1 2012 folder, and then copy it across AGAIN so you have 2 copies of the same file, one will have " - Copy" after its name.
    • Finally, RENAME the file which ends in " - Copy" to "savegame@profile0#gtehxosjz_0"
    anyone tried it?
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I used the method Sasha mentioned above. I did this pre-patch 2 I think, when they supposed to have fixed the problem. I have not had the fault since, but then again I am not playing the game much at the moment.
  8. The tricks told by shasa worked, thanks a lot everybody for the help! :)
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  9. I'd like to add to this with something I discovered today.

    I just swapped to a new HDD and when I tried re-using my old profile it keep reporting it as corrupt. I tried EVERYTHING, I have exhausted all methods found. In fact, at first I wasn't even being told my profile was corrupt - that would have been a luxury. All I got was asking for a new profile. Eventually it started recognising my profiles but reported them as corrupt. Wahoo! Progress!! In desperation I tried running the old HDD and syncing through steam then re-syncing on the new HDD. Nada. Zip. No results.

    Then I discovered this:

    The 15 files saved in the remote folder are numbered for each profile. eg: savegame@profile2#cbtaxdhudkr. Note the "profile2". However, this profile is not necessarily the second profile in my profile list when in game.

    To find out what my profile number was, I ran the game on my old HDD, made a tiny adjustment and saved my profile. I could see by the date on the files that I was saving files with "profile2" in their name. This is despite the fact that this profile is in slot 1 in game.

    I then ran the game on my new HDD. I created 3 new profiles. The first files were saved as ...profile0... file names, the second ...profile1... file names and finally the third profile creation created ...profile2... file names.

    So, I changed this new (3rd) profile (with the ...profile2... file names) to have the same name/ nationality etc as the old profile back on my old HDD. I then deleted the first 2 profiles (I did this in-game by pressing ctrl after game boot) and was left with only the 1 profile, the one with the ...profile2... file names. Now I had a bunch of ...profile2... files and a new profile with name/nationality etc as before.

    Then, I simply copied all the files from my old HDD remote folder that had ...profile2... in them to my new HDD - overwriting the newly created ones, ran the game and voila! Profile loaded no problem at all. Even my control mapping etc loaded.

    These files copied over to the new HDD did not work before, they did not work until my new profile on the new HDD was saving with filenames containing ...profile2...

    Incidentally, I also found that can't simply rename the files to have desired filenames. That doesn't work.

    Anyway, I'm stoked! I have my saves back.

    Hope this helps someone else.