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Career mode: Fuel/Tyre Sim ON - running out of fuel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by melvatronix, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Has anyone experienced running out of fuel in a career mode race?

    I just finished Valencia 50%. Qualified 5th, reached 1st on lap 15... then smashed my front wing on a wall on lap 20, forcing a 2nd pit but got the bonus of switching back to option tyres whilst the rest remained on primes.

    Managed to blast my way back to 1st from being 18secs behind after pitting and being 6th.... Only to run out of fuel halfway through the final lap - I limped over the finish line in 12th.

    Its my 5th season (of 7) and I am on Expert difficulty.

    Throttle map isnt the cause, as I forgot to do the R&D test before so dont have the 'fast' setting.

    My only thought is perhaps the manual gears have something to do with it? In previous seasons I have been on Legendary/Custom difficulty (auto gears & pit speed/control) and have never noticed the fuel icon flashing during a race.
  2. I have the same problem it didn't happen before the patch, so i believe they messed something up with the patch. So far it only happened in Valencia but I changed the race distance to 40% after that so Im not sure if it happens on other tracks on 50% distance.
  3. are you using throttle mapping as fast?? usually it happens if u run fast throttle map..
  4. You mean they fixed a minor problem and you can now run out of fuel if you push too hard all race, just like the real thing.
    Don't blame Codemasters for the fact that F1 teams never put enough fuel in their cars.

    Depending on your driving style I think you have probably solved your problem in your last paragraph. Spend too much time on high revs and you will burn fuel no matter what your engine setting is. Easy to do on manual gear shift, not possible with automatic. Longer gears could possibly help, but the correct gear selection will save you fuel.
  5. I did tat with automatic gears and mapping to fast.. and ran out of fuel.. so its possible...
  6. Well done! :) :wink:
    I stand corrected. I think instead of "not possible with automatic" I should have said "unlikely with automatic":redface:
    You must have been pushing hard all race, and it would depend to a small amount on your gear ratios.
    Also if traction control is enabled it can lead to high revs.
    I have never done a full race with mapping on fast - I always turn it down whenever possible for the simple reason that 8 engines have to last for 19 races
  7. it was a time when i didnt have a wheel.. so was playing the game on keyboard... and during corners.. it u press the throttle.. the rev goes nuts..
  8. Well why dose it only happen on this track, I just did the race in 40% distance, throttle map on standard and in the last 8 laps on cruse, and again I ran out of fuel a full lap before the end. And if what your saying is right then there should be an option to set the amount of fuel for the race yourself.

  9. Look at your driving style and car setup. The game is a representation of F1 - F1 cars do not carry enough fuel to drive flat out for the entire race. That is the "fault" of the car designers, not Codemasters. F1 drivers manage their fuel during a race. 99% of F1 2010 players also successfully manage their fuel during the race.
  10. Well at least then they could have made the pit guy give you a warning if you are burning the fuel to fast, i doubt that today in f1 they cant calculate things like that.

  11. I totally agree, and F1 engineers do keep their drivers informed on fuel use during the race. Your engineer will tell you to use less revs, although that is not totally fuel usage based, and there is also a low fuel warning in the car status window in the HUD. (by the time that comes on it is probably too late)
  12. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Haven't come across this myself but I actually like it as it brings another strategic element into the game. Agree that the engineer should keep you informed of low fuel situations though. I only hear him mention tyres and the heat of the engine but never so far anything related to fuel consumption.
  13. Similar for me. 40% Race at Valencia and in the Final Lap i couldn't go faster than about 180 kmh... The little Engine in the Car-Status lid yellow. I thought is just killed the engine because of using the fast throttle map for the whole race. But maybe it was just the fuel.
  14. pls dont rely on your pit guy.. he is only bothered about when alonso pits in.. and i guess he's kinda blind too..
  15. LOL

    I just completed a 75% race in austrailia and he must have mentioned alonso coming into the pits about 5 times.

    Then, it starts to rain. The pit engineer starts telling me to come in for intermediates but track is still dry so I hold out. Two laps go by, it's raining, I come into the pit for a tire change. Leave the pit only to realize I'm still on slicks. Another pit stop. Great. Lost 4 positions.

    Make it to the final lap about 25% thru sector 2 and run out of fuel. Lost 3 more positions and finished 14th.

  16. ahh.. now thats one thing i haven't experienced yet.. running out of fuel..
  17. Hi guys, i to am experiencing fuel issues. I am in career mode full race weekends full race distance driving a Lotus and settings my are for manual gears and all driving aids off. At Canada i ran out of fuel on the last lap and again at Valencia i was in 4th place heading towards my first career points and i ran out of fuel again, its very frustrating. I even tried the race again using cruise mode and it made no difference. Throttle maps set to standard to save fuel and engine wear. Any thoughts guys on my problem.
  18. Valencia is a very fuel-intensive track; just ask Petrov, or any of the eight or so drivers who ran out during the last lap of the first GP2 race held there.
  19. I had alot of fuel problems... And not only in Valencia (I ran out of fuel in: Bahrain, Australia, Spain, Europe, Hungary, Korea and Abu Dhabi). I noticed few factors, which making our fuel running low:

    -Throttle Map - Faster throttle map = faster fuel consuming
    -Engine Temperature - If engine is overheating, our fuel is running low faster
    -Gearbox - don't sure here. Longer ratios should help, but in Bahrain I noticed that, longer ratios making our engine hot, so last time I used SHORTER gearbox, and managed to end race without running out of fuel.
    -Driving style - It's associated to Engine Temperature. Engine is overheating, when we are staying too long on max rpm (18.000), and when we're not using a full throttle too long. Also gear shifting is a factor - Auto gearbox is more friendly to fuel. What we can notice, it's shifting down at the end of braking zone - maybe give it try?
  20. Lol, I havent managed to finish Valencia yet without running out of fuel! Obviously it depends on driving style, but it seems to be more of an issue for peeps using manual gears.

    I just did a 50% league race at Silverstone with no fuel issues, yet in an earlier practise race I had the fuel light come on 3 laps before the end.